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Amsterdam Amsterdam

…so nice they should name it twice.

So it has been over a month since we were pottering around a chilly Amsterdam and I haven’t had a proper chance to reflect. 332 more words

The Allegory of Painting by Johannes Vermeer (1665)

The Allegory of Painting is truly one of the most beautiful paintings in the world. Beautiful not only in the charming scene it depicts (the endearing relationship between a young woman and her portraitist), but also in the message that it hides within the details of the scene. 566 more words


Nel Blu Dipinto di Azzurro-A History of the Colour Blue

This post is not about Domenico Modugno’s 1958 hit song or the Azzurri, the Italian national team.  It is about the long and fascinating history of blue pigment.  1,107 more words



For Great Artists Day at school Fossbeth displayed notable resourcefulness by using the arm of a blue velvet sofa to fashion a Vermeer-inspired head wrap, which, as it happens, also functions nicely as a lunch tote.

Vermeer: Master of Light - Don't Miss Girl with Red Hat Segment!

This is a really wonderful PBS film, with voice over  by Meryl Streep.  If you have Small Treasures tours upcoming, there’s a segment that beautifully discusses the highlights of Girl with a Red Hat.   38 more words

I'd go to the mat for this: the Gemäldegalerie is the best painting collection in the world

The Gemäldegalerie, the painting branch of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, (which is a handful to pronounce), is the perfect size, pleasantly attended, and provides one of the most thorough presentations of late medieval-renaissance-baroque painting from northern AND southern Europe that exists anywhere. 406 more words


Bansky Does Bristol

New York street artist, Bansky, famous for his unique and controversial vandal-style spray paints has hit Bristol, England. And this time, it’s nothing new. 129 more words

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