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Cinque Terre, a Pinterest-ing vacation

Day Trip to Cinque Terre

I read an old e-mail that 19 year old me sent my parents after my first trip to Cinque Terre back in 2011. 664 more words


Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre was the most beautiful destination of my trip. Five small villages on the Italian Riviera stand against the salty winds of the ocean and create a rustic air that cannot be replicated anywhere else. 176 more words


Travel Fails – Ciao Italia

I’d been to Italy before, but just to one city and just for a couple of days, so I was a little nervous about traveling between four different places over the course of a week. 1,527 more words

Cinque Terre weather alert continues

Cinque Terre remains under Weather Alert 2 until midnight tonight.
Visitors are asked NOT to come today. The rains have been held at bay, probably due to the wind. 19 more words


Cinque Terre, Italy (AKA, Shari’s epic birthday weekend)

After a couple weeks of mainly city sightseeing, Cinque Terre was the perfect break. Brian and I rented our first European guest house to give ourselves a break from Couch Surfing. 288 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs (II)

This weeks Daily Post challenge asks for signs and I found another unique sign in Vernazza which is part of the Cinque Terre Italy.  Such a wonderful area of Italy to explore with a walk between each of the five villages across hill tops  with paths only half a metre wide perched on the side of the steep hills.  24 more words

Photo Journal


Aware – A Japanese word that describes the bittersweet feeling of having a beautiful moment slip by.

In the northwest region of Liguria, far from the urban, cultural centers of Italy, there lies a collection of five small towns. 189 more words