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To me it was just bizarre. It was always Oprah, Stedman and Gayle – and Gayle more than Stedman’: Oprah’s stepmother reveals the ‘unhealthy’ relationship star had with close friend in part two of EXCLUSIVE bombshell interview… 2,158 more words


The Secret to Contemporary Landscape Design Success

It’s about imagining what might be there, behind the anti-deer netting.

Why Bother?

I dunno.

Check out the beautiful ground cover, too. If you’re wondering what that stuff is, apart from the petrochemical installations, it’s ground up trees from urban lots, mixed with rotted leaves and a bit of sewage outflow, that is capable of supporting zero plant life but looks rich and fertile when it’s new. 56 more words


How to Spot a Modern Western from an Old Copy

The  new ones have matching garbage.

The old ones never talked about stuff like that.

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A Simple Moment Alone with the Earth

The old version: Spring is the season in which plants grow. They make use of a series of adaptations to regulate their growth to a period of year with the combination of time for ripening, combined with availability of light, heat and water. 92 more words


Exide Lays Off More Than 100 Employees As Battle Over Emissions Continues

VERNON (CBSLA.com) — A lead-acid battery recycling plant in Vernon has laid off more than 100 employees, weeks after the facility was shut down by air-quality regulators. 720 more words


Spider-man 3 (movie review)

I know, I know; Spider-man 3 is the one everybody hates: the Hobgoblin’s snowboard, Peter Parker’s emo hair and dancing, the lackluster portrayal of Venom… And you’re not wrong, these are generally bad things, but they’re not what’s killing the movie. 205 more words

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Greetings from the Easter Marmot

Happy Easter!

You can trust an animal that goes underground in August and comes up again Mid-April: sun, sun, sun and more sun!

Today’s is the 700th post on Okanagan Okanogan. 129 more words

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