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Divergent - Movie Review

Based on the massive success of Harry Potter, Twilight and The Hunger Games, movies adapted from young adult novels are a lucrative business in Hollywood. 581 more words

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Divergent Books Trilogy


And we finally get to the end of a journey. We’ve been in this trip with Tris, we’ve seen her grow up, get stronger, overcome fears, surpass obstacles and yet here we are, wanting to know more, waiting for our happy ending; although, I have to tell you, there’s no happy ending as in all wars that had been in human history there’s always been losts, and as we approach to the end we see some of our lovely characters pass.

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Does the Genre Really Matter?

Wanted: Good fiction.

To be more specific, fiction that draws me in right from the start. Fiction in which the characters are believable, in which I can hear the dialogue in my mind. 1,220 more words


Divergent Books Trilogy

Hello everyone.
In the following posts I will be reviewing four books, the Divergent trilogy and the Four: A Divergent Collection book. Because I have so much to tell about these books I will post first a review for the first and second book: Divergent and Insurgent. 861 more words

Insurgent and Allegiant

Last month I reviewed Divergent, this month im going to be reviewing the other two in this fantastic three part trilogy

This second book is about what happens to Tris, Tobias and  friends after they leave the abnegation compound. 138 more words

Unshackle me from this list

I have given up on my booklist, I have already read 3 books that are not on that list and watched Divergent instead of reading the book. 259 more words

Fun With Four: Part 6

“First Jumper, Tris”

Veroinca Roth

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Just when you thought that Fun With Four was over, it’s not. :) The wonder Ms. Veronica Roth has gifted us with three extra scenes in Four’s POV at the end of… 187 more words