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Ten Things I Learnt During My (PhD) Thesis

For the past three years I’ve been doing my PhD in applied maths at Manchester. Now that I’m almost ready to submit my thesis I thought I’d write up some tips for those who are just beginning their PhD journey.


Research Transparency & Open Knowledge: Lessons from #OKFest14

By Guillaume Kroll (CEGA)

Over a thousand scientists, activists, and civil society representatives from over 60 countries gathered in Berlin last week for the 2014 Open Knowledge Festiva… 470 more words


Amazon Continues To Court Enterprise With Zocalo For File Storage And Collaboration

On Friday, Amazon Web Services announced the release of Amazon Zocalo, an enterprise grade storage and collaboration platform. Zocalo delivers file storage, the ability for users to annotate files and provide feedback for team members in addition to version control and fine-grained access permissions. 222 more words

Amazon Web Services

A Nice tool to Compare and Merge Identical Projects of Various version [For windows]

There will be some situation occur when you are developing an application, that you will have a project version controlled with Mercurial or SVN using tools like Tortoise etc., unfortunately the version control is localized to your system only. 144 more words


Visualizing version control history with gource

Gource by Andrew Caudwell is an OpenGL based tool to visualize version control history in an interactive organic fashion. It displays the repository changes over time as a tree of connected files (knots) and directories (branches), showing each contributor as a moving icon that modifies the tree as the repository grows and evolves. 203 more words


Figuring Out What Has Been Done: Making Sense of Versions

What was the problem?

We know that a lot of good work has been done to fix the problems we’ve identified, but there’s no quick-glance way of knowing whether a record has been exported from the AT and published to our finding aid database after the work was done. 644 more words

Legacy Data

SVN and Git - Taking responsibility

While much of the open source world has moved toward some form of distributed version control, centralized systems are still far from dead. This tends to be the case in projects with long-established centralized workflows, enterprises slow to change, and even some newer projects that just didn’t want to “deal with yet another new thing.” As a result, developers who normally turn to Git, Mercurial, and other distributed systems find themselves feeling as though they’ve been thrown back into the stone-age when working on projects using SVN, CVS, and their ilk. 1,259 more words