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Micrsoft Team Explorer Vs TortoiseSVN - part 2

Application Interface

TortoiseSVN: The interface to SVN that we were using was TortoiseSVN, which is integrated with Windows Explorer. Most of its tasks are available by right-clicking the mouse inside the chosen directory or on the selected directory/file. 62 more words


Micrsoft Team Explorer Vs TortoiseSVN - part 1

Recently, I had to switch over from using Subversion (SVN) to Microsoft Team Explorer for maintaining project artefacts like documents, source code and the like. 15 more words


git: Compare File to Previous Version

Today I needed to compare my current code with an older version of the file.  I poked around online and came up with this:

git show HEAD~10:FileName.php > FileName.php.prev… 68 more words

Version Control

Git basics usage - or how to not destroy your tree from the start

Git is very easy – once you get used to it.

The learning curve in Git is usually around the workflow, which involves staging changes before pushing them to the remote repository. 2,949 more words


Source Control Hierarchy Cracked! Part II

Most recently I’ve noticed revision control systems showing up embedded into popular applications such as Google Docs or even implemented on the OS level like Mac OS X and its version control APIs, allowing¬†consumers to grok revision control. 414 more words

Source Control

The importance of unit testing & version control for scientific software

This post is inspired by the fact that I’m teaching software carpentry in Denmark this week, but I have had this conversation a few times, so I thought I should write it down. 462 more words


Git: branching and merging

Branch is a core concept in Git and many other version control systems. Generally speaking, a branch is a line of development which is parallel and independent of all other lines but which still shares the same history with all other branches if you look far enough in time. 1,397 more words