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Team Foundation Services and PowerGUI – Using PowerShell with Version Control

Version control allows you and others to work on the same scripts, check them in and out, etc. By following these steps, it is possible to use version control system for PowerShell as well as a number of other programming languages. 500 more words


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This is a very comfortable setup. Version Control combined with the (currently) best PowerShell editor. Best part is: it's all free and very scalable. This setup can be used for teams of every size. Nicely written and structured article as well.

Literary Caveats for Possible Inaccuracy

Most popular books read definitively. Frameworks developed and justified are presented as infallible.

Yet there’s also the general truth that you can’t believe most of what you read. 76 more words


Version Control with Subversion: Tortoise SVN

The word Version Control represents Revision Control or Source Control, which ultimately specify to control the source code, by managing multiple revisions of the same unit of information. 899 more words


TFS: Get And Modify Included And Excluded Pending Changes in Visual Studio

In this post on Stack Overflow, I posted code that allows access to the included/excluded pending changes that the user can modify via the “Pending Changes” tab on the Visual Studio Team Explorer. 619 more words

Visual Studio

Git - A Git

Git is used for version control and is hugely popular in web development.

Version control is how you control the files you have developed and ensure that people don’t mess up a file someone else is or has worked on. 606 more words


What Grails files should end up in version control?

You don’t need to add all files in a Grails application- or plugin project to version control, because some of the files are derived (this means they can be re-created from source files) or they are generated for you locally as developer (and have nothing to do with the team) if you use IDEs such as… 129 more words


Wercker takes in $2.4 million to help developers test their code in the cloud

Wercker, a startup that aims to help developers build stable and maintainable code, brought in $2.4 million, bringing total funding to $3.2 million, said founder and CEO Micha Hernandez van Leuffen. 288 more words