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What is version control?

Version Control is a SCM tools which is used to keep track or record changes involved in the phases of software development. Generally source code (scripts,programs,etc) are placed in the version control ¬†and each changes of the source code will have a version.it’s also called as… 260 more words

Software Configuration Management

OUYA Game Development by Example

Ouya Game Development by Example by Jack Donovan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I found this book very easy for beginners. Though having knowledge of unity3d is always going to be helpful. 471 more words


Google's Mesa Data Warehouse Takes Real Time Big Data Management To Another Level

Google recently announced development of Mesa, a data warehousing platform designed to collect data for its internet advertising business. Mesa delivers a distributed data warehouse that can manage petabytes of data while delivering high availability, scalability and fault tolerance. 528 more words

Big Data


The main difference is that (as it was already said in other responses) CVS is (old) centralized version control system, while Git is distributed.But even if you use version control for single developer, on single machine (single account), there are a few differences between Git and CVS: 2,853 more words


Search Gear #1 - Go, IDE, VCS, TDD, Doc, CI

Go (http://golang.org/) Editors, Version Control, Test Driven Development, Documentation, and Continuous Integration.

So if we’ve decided that Testing is cool:

Then the resources to look at for ‘Go’ are at: 680 more words

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Version Control using Tortoise Git

Version Control is an important software management tool used in any small/large enterprise to manage source code of…..anything. It is an important skill that a person should have if they want to work in a company that will make them write code. 324 more words


Ten Things I Learnt During My (PhD) Thesis

For the past three years I’ve been doing my PhD in applied maths at Manchester. Now that I’m almost ready to submit my thesis I thought I’d write up some tips for those who are just beginning their PhD journey. 1,014 more words