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BON - update du 24/11

Bon bon bon aloors, il est temps d’une petite update pour tout le monde ! :)

  1. Charlie et moi on s’est rendues compte qu’on ne pouvait pas changer le nom du domaine, c’est à dire l’url du site, doooonc à moins qu’on veuille garder…
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Your childhood defines the way you will be.. (hidden or obvious)

Today I was watching Manjunath movie and was quite taken aback by the rashness of the system..

Its not that I have not felt it earlier.. 295 more words


Congo Square (Test 1,2 Test 1,2,3)

Basically, Congo Square was an important…. Square.

No joke, on Congo Square, Africans and slaves were able to dance, to sing and to play instruments, freely. 26 more words


The Public Has Little Confidence In The Security Of Everyday Communication Channels [Infographic]

According to the Pew Research Center, American adults have a universal lack of confidence in the security of everyday communication channels. The public feels most secure using landline phones – 51 percent of respondents stated they feel somewhat secure while using a landline phone to share private information. 66 more words

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The Founders Helping The UK Government To Create "The United Nations Of Start-ups"

Jonathan Gan pauses to study the yachts moored in the St Katharine Docks harbour just the other side of the giant glass windows in the foyer of no. 590 more words

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7 Hidden Features of Facebook Ads

John Rampton Contributor Entrepreneur helping startups figure out what’s happening with Google full bio ? 756 more words

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Jupiter's Great Red Spot Likely One Big UV 'Sunburn'

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, which has tantalized astronomers for centuries, may be caused by something as surprisingly mundane as ultraviolet (UV) “tanning” at extremely high altitude, say researchers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). 630 more words

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