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Focus gently through a coffee-soaked dawn Blood pulsing, body still, mind pulling the threads of their dreams Seeing, knowing, spinning #FP

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There were plenty of fish in the sea, she knew.

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A Sacred Day

“Don’t worry, it’s not a gun” he said as he sat down on the bench beside me.
He pulled out a bottle of Wiser’s from a black pencil bag (that did not hold a gun). 464 more words


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The reply.

“How many times should I apologize for what happened? Don’t you see any other way?”

“I am afraid not.”

“Well… try to, I beg you! I’ll confess everything, I’ll go to jail! 150 more words



The heavy silver cylinder of the revolver spun, a series of rapid clicks, then snapped shut with a flick of my wrist. I sat under the withered oak tree, the valley silent save for the phantom wails of the wind, squeezed into a fury by the red canyon walls towering above me, the errant dust devils skimming the dry, cracked earth. 2,168 more words



Hand on pen, hand on pencil, paper blank
I look for the artist’s artist
I want to see, I want to hear truth – alive…
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Very Short Stories

He Said Wendigo

After we’d spent three days romping through the underbrush of the forest we’d begun to suspect something was amiss with our quarry. It’d been shot not once, but four times, and though we’d find its trail of blood leading us on ever closer, no body ever appeared in the next clearing. 1,286 more words


From the Green Notebooks, Excerpt LXIX

Just Add Water

The rough wooden oars had raised blisters on his hands, but Carlin Fromage rowed frantically despite the pain. In the wake of the dinghy that surged and slowed and surged toward the shore was the pallid figure of Carlin’s deceased wife slipping effortlessly through the water toward the small wooden boat. 300 more words

The Green Notebooks