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From the Green Notebooks, Excerpt LXIX

Just Add Water

The rough wooden oars had raised blisters on his hands, but Carlin Fromage rowed frantically despite the pain. In the wake of the dinghy that surged and slowed and surged toward the shore was the pallid figure of Carlin’s deceased wife slipping effortlessly through the water toward the small wooden boat. 300 more words

The Green Notebooks


She sat on the airport, waiting for him.
It was almost empty, with one or two people appearing every now and then.

“He’s not coming ma’am, the flight couldn’t take off due to bad weather. 76 more words

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From the Green Notebooks, Excerpt LXVIII

Pillar of the Community

When Harrison Stunbludgeon went missing in the woods, Larry Tectonic was the first to volunteer for the search party.

Larry always tried to be a useful, contributing member of the community. 314 more words

The Green Notebooks

The Price of Youth - A 100-word story

The Price of Youth
by K.Z. Morano

I was a rotting fruit… fattening flies… waiting to be harvested by death.

I stared at the mirror as the maggots of old age consumed me. 81 more words


Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there lived a youngish man by the name of Cyril.
Cyril was quite shy so he spent much of his time alone in his room, fiddling about with his weblog. 65 more words


From the Green Notebooks, Excerpt LXVII

The Luxochron

The clock hanging in his office was a perfectly-preserved, Art Deco, General Electric Luxochron. Its bronze, metal-flake paint glowed richly in the lowest light and the creamy vellum clockface provided perfect contrast to the authoritative iron hands that pointed out the hour and minute with precision. 408 more words

The Green Notebooks

Throw Out Thursday - 99 Word Stories

Recently I came across a site 99fiction.net running a monthly competition for stories no longer than 99 words.

I started to write a couple of pieces but ended up abandoning them.  250 more words