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Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there lived a youngish man by the name of Cyril.
Cyril was quite shy so he spent much of his time alone in his room, fiddling about with his weblog. 65 more words


From the Green Notebooks, Excerpt LXVII

The Luxochron

The clock hanging in his office was a perfectly-preserved, Art Deco, General Electric Luxochron. Its bronze, metal-flake paint glowed richly in the lowest light and the creamy vellum clockface provided perfect contrast to the authoritative iron hands that pointed out the hour and minute with precision. 408 more words

The Green Notebooks

Throw Out Thursday - 99 Word Stories

Recently I came across a site 99fiction.net running a monthly competition for stories no longer than 99 words.

I started to write a couple of pieces but ended up abandoning them.  250 more words


Lovely Regret

I can’t run I can’t hide I can’t numb
My memories of you

I can’t go home alone again
Why are you so far away


The Din from the Garbage Bin

While walking home, Anne heard the disturbing din from the garbage bin.

At the back of her apartment building were oversize rats gnawing at something. 77 more words


From the Green Notebooks, Excerpt LXVI

Lottery Dreams

It was a lottery dream come true. When Marty Bidet hit all six on the Ultramega, he quit his job directing traffic and built a 1:14 replica of the Notre Dame de Paris. 302 more words

The Green Notebooks

The Immigrants

The ships burned cigarette holes into the blanket of blue satin sky.

The people gazed skyward, displaying digits tattooed into their hyper-extended necks.

The numbers meant that they’ve been chosen, that they’ve killed to earn their limited tickets to salvation. 68 more words

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