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“Ran away?” the driver asked.

I wanted to tell him to fuck off but he was kind enough to give me a ride.

I nodded. 81 more words


The vision.

“David… It’s time to do your homework! Come on in.” Marge said.

“But mom… I am about to win! Just a little more time.”

“But you’re playing alone! 57 more words



tw: eating disorders 

“Drink your tea.” 

The room focuses on the cup like it was the biggest thing in the world. It highlights every part of it, making sure I know: the tea cup is perfect. 389 more words

Creative Writing


Beneath the aching moon, she sighs
as I read the poetry of her thighs…
Fingernail tracing syllables,
I tap on her fragile spot
and the veins beneath her skin become visible… 75 more words


Cold - 5th August 2014 (23:01)

With the heat leaving my body, I feel myself slip away.

I am no longer me. My memories, my hopes,my dreams, my being has all slipped away. 64 more words

If Wishes Came True

Curdled clouds came… hovering, descending…
ingesting everything in their way.
The world was painted in black, white and gray.
I opened my mouth and out poured a soundless scream… 115 more words




I lived in a castle by the stormy sea.
And the sound that kept me awake each night was not the rage in father’s voice…
165 more words