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To The Sailors

Hail Bravehearts

The adventure begins! Of boats and strings and sails and things, the mighty oceans call us. Venture, my friends into the wild Atlantic! Cast your fears aside and unfurl your spirit, the sails rise high and the wind is blowing. 477 more words


Roslindale Open Studios!

If you missed me in Fort Point or just can’t get enough, here is your chance.
November 1 & 2, 2014
11:00 AM – 5 PM. 13 more words


Sweden ready to use force to surface foreign sub as search continues

The Swedish corvette HMS Visby is seen in the search for suspected “foreign underwater activity” at Mysingen Bay, Stockholm October 21, 2014. (Reuters/Fredrik Sandberg)

Swedish Armed forces are ready to use force if they detect any foreign submarine in the waters of the Stockholm Archipelago, the supreme commander general said as the operation in search of the underwater threat entered its fifth day. 258 more words

World News


  • A Muslim becomes accountable for his/her deeds by reaching sexual adulthood, or by becoming 19 years old whichever comes first.
    • Signs of sexual adulthood of ┬ámales are growing facial hair (beard and mustache) experiencing wet dreams, or ejaculation.
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Quote for Today: Dara Horn

Days and hours and years are not time, but merely vessels for it, and too often they are empty. The world stands still, timeless and empty, until an act of generosity changes it in an instant and sends it soaring through arcs of rich seasons, moment after spinning moment of racing beauty. 25 more words

Quote For Today

The Slaney cot: photos

I wrote here about a Slaney cot, built by Larry Duggan, which we had spotted on its way to Wales. The owner has very kindly sent some more photos of the cot’s construction, of Larry Duggan and of the cot on the Usk; I have put them on a separate page here.

Extant Waterways

British artist, Gizella K Warburton's, use of cloth, paper, thread, wood and paint to make vessels. A link is under Blogroll.

From Warburton’s Artist’s Statement on her site: ‘Fragments of materials are brought together in a similar way to collage or assemblage, with tiny holding stitches to capture layers. 22 more words