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16 Months Post Op - This is what it physically feels like.

Hello! I received a lovely email from a gal who is just about a week post vestibulectomy and it inspired me to keep on posting my progress since I know there is at least one person reading ;) Thanks M! 951 more words

A whole new chapter

Moving in with your partner is supposed to be a special time in your life! This wasn’t quite the case for me. Don’t get me wrong the idea of moving forward in our relationship was fabulous, I couldn’t believe this amazing man would want someone so broken! 379 more words


PT Round Three - Don't Practice Pain

Long time no talk, I know, I know.

I got caught up in being a prodigy at work, the time just flew by. I got a phone call on Wednesday, reminding me about the appointment I didn’t know about the next day. 515 more words


The weird world of PST round 1

My first session of psychosexual therapy (PST) was draining! It was an hour session, talking all about my sexual problems, which always upsets me, but not only that delving into my past relationships ( my cheating ex!) and my not so stable family unit! 345 more words


Self-Righteous Vagina Rant

I’m doing it. I’m pissed off, and mad, and angry. I can’t call my friends and rant to them, because they don’t know anything about my broken vagina. 485 more words


14 Months Post Vestibulectomy

Hello! I wanted to check in with you now that I’m 14 months post vestibulectomy. It’s been interesting…

I have a really, really hard time WANTING to have sex EVER. 682 more words