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A Veteran's Voice: It's Okay to Talk About Suicide

By Kiersten Downs

WUSF Veterans Coming Home Outreach Coordinator

Over time, the sharp and jagged pieces of a broken green bottle have been transformed into a smooth and beautiful beach gem that we call sea glass. 460 more words


Stories That MSM Don’t Want You to Hear- Part 1 “Chaptered Out”

While you may know that 96% of the media outlets in the US are owned by just 5 corporations, and while you may understand how heavily censored and manipulated the news you receive may be; it still doesn’t begin to put into perspective the “why” and “how” of the information you are fed is used to keep you uninformed and how it is manipulated to form your opinion of what is really going on in the world. 1,662 more words

World Events

Marine Goes the Distance... for the 3rd Time

Marine goes the distance… for the 3rd time.

Please take the time to read this man’s story. Help if you like, even if only forwarding the story so that many eyes see it. 1,427 more words


Barack on Ebola: R-E-L-A-X as TomVille declared an Ebola Free Zone

Taking a page from Green Bay Packer QB Aaron Rodgers, Barack O’TomA  told the nation to relax about Ebola.  He assured an anxious nation that the same government that registered O’TomA Care on Healthcare.gov, set up Veteran Administration appointments and executive bonuses and secures the White House and the President, and provides non-answers daily to Social Security recipients who wait on the phone for hours has the Ebola thing under control. 17 more words

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Termination begun for 2nd Alabama VA official

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) – The Veterans Administration has begun proceedings to fire a second official at its troubled medical centers in central Alabama.

Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs Sloan Gibson announced Friday that termination proceedings had begun against Dr. 426 more words


Tampa's VA Director to Help Troubled Phoenix VA

The new Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Bob McDonald, has temporarily assigned Kathleen Fogarty, the director of Tampa’s James A. Haley VA Medical Center, to help restore trust and transparency at one of the most troubled VA networks that oversees the Phoenix VA hospital. 187 more words


VA Fires Four Administrators, But Is It Just for Show?

When Bob McDonald visited the Tampa Bay region last week, the new Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary promised to take action against VA administrators if the Inspector General determined they were involved in wrongdoing or coverups. 337 more words