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Today at BlackBeary Condo - The Vet, Part Two

BlackBeary jerks awake from her eleventh nap of the day, frightened that she might still be at The Vet. Still drowsy she wonders: What if they gave her something, some awful drug to make her sleep? 528 more words


Today at BlackBeary Condo - The Vet

For BlackBeary, those words, those gruesome words– THE VET  –should be written in one of those old horror movie fonts, all red and blood-drippy. With ominous sound effects echoing in the background.  459 more words


#20 Pinto the Blogdog - Dolly the Ewe!

Howdy Folks!  Pinto the BlogDog here.  Been awhile.   Everything’s good here in my world, but boy, howdy, there was a big shake up here on my farm a coupla weeks ago. 891 more words


Dogs Have Ear Lobes???

I love my stupid dog.  He’s an asshole but he’s always there for me when I need him.  He has a bunch of cute parts.  For example he has really fat feet, like a Hobbit.   112 more words


Reduce stress for both you and your pets during the holiday

1. Don’t feed table scraps – these rich and often fatty foods can cause gastroenteritis
2. Be careful with trees, tinsel, poinsettia & decorations -pets will often think they’re toys… 102 more words

Picking up Hershel!

At Litke’s Vet in Pierz, picking up Hershel on Wednesday, Dec. 17.  We cannot rave about their loving care, their advice, their gentle demeanor!  LOVE them! 72 more words

Choosing a Ferret Friendly Vet

Choosing a Ferret Friendly Vet

This is a very good article on how to choose your vet.The MFA couldn’t say it better! Go to our website for a list of ferret wise veterinary clinics as recommended by our membership. 1,143 more words