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My Latest Pet

“Lucky” walked into my life a few months back, skittish with sad-looking eyes and dermatitis. We don’t know if he was abandoned by his owners or just got lost, but after a month of us and our closest neighbors all tossing this sickly mutt of a dog food scraps every day (which only made him want to stay around longer), I finally caved in and decided to take him in. 1,423 more words


Pixel's Visit to the Vet

I have now had Pixel for two weeks.  I have never had a puppy where I was the one responsible for everything to do with her.   759 more words


Caring for your Pet Rabbit




1.  Rabbits are to be examined by your veterinarian every 6 months. Your veterinarian can teach you how to observe for overgrown teeth and toe nails, sore hocks, discharge from the eyes, ears, nose, skin, and genital areas because these abnormalities may be signs of potentially serious and life-threatening problems. 263 more words

Two special people in my life also have blogs

Tof Eklund: genderqueer comics scholar, editor of the “Unconventional” series (Unconventional Dwarf, Unconventional Elf, etc. — volumes of essays intended for the gaming world), and writer of… 25 more words

How to Help Sick Calves Eat

The spring weather in South Dakota can be rough on calves. One day it is sunny and 50 degrees, the next it is 25 and snowing. 512 more words


Bath Scare

My bath is always very exciting. I’m patient and still while I’m in the sink getting rubbed and soaped and sprayed, but as soon as she puts me down, I run in circles, shake, and try to wipe the wet off on the couch. 312 more words

Dog Writer

Severely Injured Plano Puppy Gets A New Lease On Life

PLANO (KRLD) – A citizen spotted four-month-old Nina limping with a broken leg. The Chihuahua mix had a bandage wrapped so tightly around its leg that it cut off circulation. 306 more words