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On Monday last...

On Monday last, my pet died. His name was William Butler Yeats the guinea pig and he was seven years of age. His teeth got too big for his mouth, and the vet told me he wouldn’t survive the surgery to fix them. 760 more words

Life Stuff

Part 2: The best and the worst of the road in 48 hours

The first part of this saga was actually Day 2 of back-to-back madcap improbability, dealing with the good and the bad of my job as a paratransit driver whisking veterans all over this half of the state and beyond. 1,636 more words


Trip to the vets.

Today my humans took my to the vets. I had know idea what was going to happen, so I was pretty happy on the journey snuggling my mummy human. 184 more words

Some progress is better than no progress

My oh my, we’ve done it. We have moved. We are now entrenched in the beautiful Bega Valley.

We have had no time to explore, no time to blog and no time to do much except unpack boxes, start a new school and get other half away to new job. 382 more words

Moving House

Appreciation for our Troops

Every day in elementary school, it was my privilege to run “Old Glory” up the flagpole. It was a religious experience for me, even back then. ¬† 70 more words

Old Glory

RVC reality

Did you watch the first episode of Young vets on BBC2 last night? It is filmed at the RVC! I guess it’s a nice thing they’re doing even though I think they’re trying to make rotations sound more exciting then they are. 240 more words

New Grad

House Arrest

So my boyfriend’s (Matt) cat, Poppy, has had to have a trip to the vets this week. She’s fine but she’s not so pleased with the cone on her head and the fact that she’s not allowed out for the time being. 139 more words