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Vhils Portrait of Zeca Afonso in Lisbon, Portugal

Alexandre Farto, also known as Vhils, decided to go back to his former school in Seixal, Lisbon and sculpt this wonderful portrait of  Zeca Afonso as part of a workshop where many students participated. 47 more words


Stencil Graffiti

Un curent generat de grafitti este stencil grafitii sau stencil, care presupune folosirea unui șablon pentru aplicarea desenelor sau a textelor pe pereți.

Printre primele desene apărute prin tehnica stencil au fost cele din anii ’60. 221 more words


Project IV: Erosive Studio Space

This current assignment focuses on the past artist analysis and becoming the architect of a place of work. The artist, Vhils, who is a Portuguese street artist, uses destruction as his technique and theme in art, where this will be carried out on an architectural space. 583 more words


A destructive place of work

For this current assignment, it focuses on my Portuguese street artist, Vhils, and the technique and theme of destruction being carried out into an architectural space. 438 more words


{ Street artists #1 }

Quem passa na zona do Jardim do Tabaco não pode ficar indiferente ao trabalho fabuloso que resultou de uma parceria entre Vhils e Pixel Pancho… 58 more words

Por Onde Passo

Vhils New Mural in Araçaí Village, Brazil

Alexandre Farto aka Vhils is now in Brazil visiting a Guaraní tribe in Piraquara region where he has been working on a collaboration with the local tribe consisting of 54 wooden doors etched with indigenous motifs and portraits of the locals. 50 more words