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Three Great Videos on Net Neutrality

Today is 10th September 2014, a.k.a. The Internet Slowdown. What’s that you ask? In the simplest possible terms, it’s an attempt to wake everyone up to the reality of what the Internet would be like if the biggest ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in the United States got their way. 972 more words

Net Neutrality debate: prevent internet ransom

In the USA there is an on going debate about net neutrality which is a complex topic.

Basically the issue is large communications infrastructure providers are attempting to ransom content delivery companies for speed (bandwidth) or priority access to their own customers. 64 more words

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Worth A Thousand Words

Okay okay, so not only are pictures worth a thousand words, but let’s face it – for those visual learners out there, sometimes pictures make math a thousand times easier than your math teacher does! 336 more words