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Infinity: A Reason to Believe in God

Even though this video does not discuss God, it does imply that man did not invent math, but he only discovers it. Vi Hart is a great, young mathematical thinker. 24 more words

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An Uncommon Doodler

Have y’all heard of Vi Hart? I’m not really sure what she does, except that it involves math and brilliance.

Here is one of her better ones. 35 more words


Vi Hart & Twelve Tones

For some reason I can’t even remember, I was recently spurred to refresh some of the funkier stuff in my maths education. In my online quest after some of the long forgotten detailed bits behind the sublime Euler’s Identity (yeah, I know, I’m weird) the linky stuff led me to this gal right here, who is a sort of… erm… mathemamusiciaphilosodoodler, and quite the YouTube phenomenon. 166 more words

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