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Biggest Hollywood Lease in a Decade: Viacom Consolidates in Hollywood

LA Times 11/19/14: http://www.latimes.com/business/realestate/la-fi-columbia-square-viacom-20141120-story.html

The campus that was once the legendary Hollywood headquarters for CBS will become home to a new generation of popular broadcasters. 637 more words

콘텐츠와 플랫폼의 콤비가 답?

학교의 MMA(Media Management Association)의 주최로 뉴욕에 있는 미디어 기업들을 탐방하고 있다. 지금까지




이렇게 세 군데를 돌았고, 기업들도 직접 임원들이 나와서 MBA 학생들과 만나는 등 엄청 신경 쓰는 행사였다. 53 more words


Media companies miss ad dollars after signing streaming deals

Viacom executives bemoaned the lack of a credible ratings agency to measure viewers streaming their programs via Netflix or Amazon — but it was these same executives who signed the deals and welcomed the revenue from the streaming companies in the first place. 45 more words

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Who should buy the Onion?

Bloomberg is reporting that the Onion, the greatest newspaper to ever publish fake stories (that’s including the New York Times) is considering putting itself up for sale. 736 more words


Broadcasters Get Court To Stop Consumers From Seeing How Much Cable Companies Pay For Content

The FCC is currently mulling over whether to give its stamp of approval to two huge mergers — Comcast/Time Warner Cable and AT&T/DirecTV — and is intending to make information available to third parties about the deals that that these pay-TV giants make with broadcasters. 517 more words

Graham Holdings To Spin Off CableOne, Viacom's Nemesis

CableOne will become an independently traded public company next year following the separation from Graham Holdings Co – known as the Washington Post Co until last year when Amazon’s Jeff Bezos bought the namesake newspaper. 237 more words


Disclosure Of Pay-TV Deals By FCC Ahead?

The FCC has had to review two major mergers in the content industry: Comcast and Time Warner, AT&T and DirectTV. As a part of these reviews, the FCC requested the Pay-TV deals that these companies are involved in to be made available for third parties. 89 more words