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Chapter Two: On the road again - Cambodia 30th -31st of January

If I had to find a word to describe Cambodia would be smiles. Not only our smiles, but the smiles of the people living there. Despite all the things they went through, they are always smiling and cheerful. 429 more words


I segreti di una dieta sana a Parigi...

I segreti di una dieta sana a Parigi…

Non li conosco… Non appena varco il territorio francese io mi precipito da PAUL e non resisto a nessuna delle baguettes farcite con pane croccante e abbondante ripieno. 482 more words


Cambodia here we come! 29th of January

The morning of the 29th started slow and with some hangover-related difficulties, but we managed to have showers, pack our stuff, pay the hostel, say good bye to our weird host and reach the bus, where we waited to leave for half an hour, standing outside because Al. 449 more words


È tempo di lasciare la Nuova Zelanda

Litigate e rabbia in aeroporto.
La storia risale a quel maledetto giorno in cui, a luglio, in preda alla noia, ho deciso di fare le cose in anticipo, invece di aspettare l’ultimo momento come al mio solito. 857 more words

...other rocks and Darwin (Finally!)

Aprire gli Occhi:“23 settembre: La cara ruggente BB e’ gia’ in mano ad altri due backpacker tedeschi. Nel pomeriggio scopro con mio grandissimo stupore che il caravan park, sperduto tra mucche e praterie in fiamme, ha una connessione WiFi gratuita per i woofer (volontari). 1,321 more words


Breakfast with a view..

Goodmorning people!
Finally after a tiring summer, I managed to take 2 days off and visit the island of Kea.
Have a nice weekend everyone!


Cu Chi tunnels and some beers - 28th of January

The next morning for Floh and A. was time to go to the police to report the theft and get some documents for the insurance. The good news of the day was that Floh got back his luggage, and some money as “reparation”. 287 more words