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Aurora Shoe Co.

I’m a girl who loves a shoe with some arch support. And I’m not ashamed of it. That’s why I’ve been wearing clogs and Birkenstocks my whole life, despite the shamers I encountered (whose laughing now?). 105 more words


3rd Year in Minimal Running Shoes

I’m in the third year of my transition to minimal running shoes. It’s been very, very slow. I started out running only in Vibrams, which was probably a mistake since I was running in massive, heavy and super thick-heeled shoes. 162 more words


A broad overview of footwear brands

On the trail your feet are king. Break your boots in. Buy good boots. They last forever, for gosh sake. In this article we’ll be taking a look at a grouping of backpacking footwear that the Dirty Forest People seem to favor. 1,263 more words

Dirty Forest People

Juneathon day 28: cross-country adventure around Coleshill

I had two main ideas in mind when planning today’s Juneathon activity. First, I’ve been absolutely dying to have a proper test run for the new Vibram Spyridons I bought about a week ago from… 289 more words


Vibram Fivefingers Komodo Sport

I wanted to try the Vibram Fivefingers shoes for a long time, not in the least thanks to my friend Wouter, who wears them even to official presentations. 233 more words


They lied to you!

Well, not only do you still look ridiculous, but you’re getting no benefit from it either. Vibram, the company that manufactures the FiveFingers shoes has been slapped with a… 105 more words