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Israel Vibration - Cool and Calm - HQ High Quality - Reggae Music

Israel Vibration – Cool and Calm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 more words

Where you were | Daily Aaron Bit

We will say that when you experience or feel things that are not in resonance with the clarity that we feel from you now, we will say there will be moments that they will pop up because they are a reflection of what you have experienced before. 164 more words


a ripple

This photo reminds me of how things can resonate with you.  It starts with a thought, then a ripple.  A new vibration that can take you places that you need to go.  47 more words

The Most Left Winged Statement In The History of mankind Has Finally Occurred In My LIfe Time!

I have been waiting for it and here it is folks (Maybe its time to start eating dirt, but then again, whats an Earthquake then in relation to the ground and to dirt; because it could feasibly be the same as the below mentioned article’s concept and rationale if you will) but dudes/dudettes…really? 467 more words

Sustainable Action Network

Magick: The similarity between Wiccan Circle Casting and Golden Dawn Banishing Rituals.

Strange movements, drawing of imaginary shapes in the air, a monotonous drone of a strange language, imagined flowers popping open inside your body… all a lot like child’s play really.  782 more words


What is Time?

Some of us are feeling a subtle shift in what we conceive of as time, as we undergo planetary ascension. Ascension means we are entering the 5th dimensional frequency band – finally! 330 more words