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Being unconditional is an ascension.

Unconditional? Can we truly have unconditional thoughts and/or feelings? Human beings are linear creatures. We need to define things to put them into categories. “Defining” things helps us understand that which we sense (what we touch, smell, taste, hear, etc) … we always have to have a base comparison to identify something or things. 296 more words



Operating unpredictably
I bounce around
Super Ball free
Real as the sky is blue
A rainbow soul
Filtering back
New perspectives
Reflected to me
By you… 70 more words

Calling Dreams

Spiritual Message:

Stop telling yourself that there is no time for dreaming. I want you to remember that there is always something beautiful to be found, no matter how dark and dismal things may seem. 234 more words


BigWind protesters have finally arrived in the USA

It has finally arrived on our shores! BigWind protests have been occurring for YEARS oversees, where wind turbines are more prevalent.  Now that the $ is drying up across the ocean (as electricity rates skyrocket), we are seeing more developers here, after our plentiful taxdollar handouts. 254 more words

CRYSTALS AND YOU – Richard’s Commentary

As I write this we are in Florida visiting friends on our way to a conference in Orlando. The items we brought, combining housewarming (our friends moved here recently) and host gifts, are crystals. 589 more words

Guidance For Conscious Living

The Kybalion: Chapters 7 and 8

The Kybalion
By The Three Initiates
The Yogi Publication Society Masonic Temple
Chicago, Illinois. 1912

We continue our reading of The Kybalion and explore the limitless nature of the ALL and its expression within The Universal Law of Correspondence. 4,303 more words

The Kybalion

Better Balance

You can find a better balance. You can find a better balance, dear one. We know there is much more of this for you to receive. 45 more words

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