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Living a Life Filled with Amazement

Feeling high vibration tonight. Every time I participate in a coaching call with one of my clients I connect with their energy and end the call feeling higher vibration than when we started. 369 more words

How You Say It

You have the power to create your future.  You even have the ability to feel when people or events come into your existence. Your Wish Is Your Command… 338 more words

Your Wish Is Your Command

Smartphone Gyroscopes Convert Vibration into Sound for Eavesdropping

We’ve heard the stories of our the microphones on our smartphone’s being used as a spy technique without our knowledge, but what about voluntarily turning our smartphones into a spy gadgets?   190 more words

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Accept Your Good!

Your Good is at hand.  Accept it and be happy.  Right now, this instant, you can begin creating a wonderful life, if you’re not already.  What?  1,435 more words

Illinois farm bureau president tells Ohioans about BigWind nightmares

Are you a skeptic? Do you believe what the BigWind salespeople tell you about the machines? If so, you need to educate yourself with information on our site and links to others… 298 more words

De Composition in G

The Fear-filled Man’s Confusion: Perceived Separation

syncopated counter beats in dissonance.


~elemental studies in vibration with auguste noted one, june summer.~

earth, 2014.


Disassociative Identity Disorder

There's Not One Truth Or One Religion That Is Appropriate

Have you ever known someone whose life was not based on what you thought was moral or appropriate behaviour? And yet, they continued to win. You know why? 121 more words