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Throat Chakra Vishuddha Chakra

Before we experience health concerns in our physical bodies, it first comes into energetic manifestation in our Etheric bodies. One way to prevent illness, emotional discomfort, mental imbalance, etc., is thru Chakra Balancing. 83 more words

Sound & Vibration

A blog from a member of our expert Sound Healing team . Gail Montague is currently working with Steve Balsamo and Hilary Canto on developing a sound healing course for VIDLA. 391 more words


Love & Light Angel Essence

(Medieval Byzantine mosaic 14th, seraph from the spandrels of the atrium, Church S.Marco, Basilica, Venice, Italy)

           *Holy  *Supreme  *Joy  *Happy & bright  *Forgiveness  *Movement  *Hope  *Renewal  *Gifts  … 406 more words

Vibrational Healing

Plant Spirit Help

Plant spirits can come through during your meditations and infuse their energetic imprint into some area of your being. A specific plant or flower’s energetic imprint can be called forth during meditation, or if you set the intention that you will receive any healing that any helping spirits would like to offer, a plant or flower spirit may come through in whatever way you need. 424 more words

Love & Light Carnation Mix Flower Essence

                      * Celebration *  Whimsical  * Shoulders Burdens  * Heals those in dire need

                                                        * Resurrects   * Freedom   * Peace

“A celebration flower, it’s powerful, old, well known and celebrated.

329 more words
Flower Essences


* Transforms depression & despair * Light source  * Nourishes & heals * Freedom to create & do  * Wisdom & knowledge * Sun & God within * Bold * Truth…

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Flower Essences

Changing the Vibration of Breast Cancer

By: Dr. Christina Grant - Holistic Healer, Intuitive Counselor, Teacher, and Author of The Holistic Approach to Breast Cancer.

A vibrational frequency is inherent in all things. 568 more words

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