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Happy Easter!

So I just want to wish everyone a Happy Easter.  I hope that everyone is having a good weekend and is enjoying thier Easter.  For those in the UK I know that you have a four day weekend which I must admit uber jealousy over because I really do enjoy time off! 129 more words

Thursday: Me and my Not-Problems

I don’t know about you, but I constantly stress over not-problems.

I get the feeling quite often that I’m tiring myself out by just thinking constantly about how tired I am. 751 more words


A vision of a Vicar

Role models aren’t really my thing. I’ve seldom met, read about or heard about anyone and thought “that’s IT! I want to be like YOU!” It’s quite tricky enough being me, without trying to be someone else as well. 673 more words

Church Of England

Dawn French's thought for the Day

Dawn French otherwise known as the vicar of Dibley has never been a favourite must watch for me. In many ways I feel the program  has created an image problem for both Female and Male ministers with her bumbling and haphazard antics and personal angst  as she jollies along the fictional rural parish church with its social club organisation and spiritual vacuum as it hurtles towards at the speed of its youngest member its own place in  the history books of being one of Britain’s once  great  extinct organisations.   143 more words

Minister's Blog

What has the Vicar of Dibley got to do with Women Bishops? - talk by Bryony Taylor

I am currently writing a book for DLT on the portrayal of Christians on television. In the course of my research, I discovered some very interesting things about the Vicar of Dibley. 63 more words

Current Affairs

Guardian: Vicar of Dibley to deliver Thought for the Day

Dawn French will step back into character as the Vicar of Dibley to offer an alternative Thought for the Day as part of a series of special programmes on BBC Radio 4. 133 more words

Social Justice

On Sunday at Church I had the opportunity to give a five minute talk on Social Justice. I was petrified to be honest, volunteering was one of those moments when my mouth speaks before I think about what I’m saying. 1,251 more words