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Behind the Scar: Tennis Elbow, featuring Dr. Andrew Vicar

Q. What is a sign you may have tennis elbow?

A. A symptom of tennis elbow is pain when lifting or grasping objects at the lateral aspect of one’s elbow. 257 more words


#Poem Rolling a cigarette in the rain is always tricky

Rolling a cigarette in the rain is always tricky
but I find a dry spot under a tree next to the church
and I remember the last time I walked past here, late night, 52 more words


Videos missing

Thanks to those who said they didn’t find the drop down list on the video page (although if they didn’t find it, how did they know it was there??!!) 25 more words


Happy Birthday!

So – the day finally dawns and thevicar.com creeps, blinking, into the daylight.
Punk has taken the work of one of the greatest human minds, Tim Berners Lee, inventor of the internet, combined it with six pages of code written by a programming genius at MIT in the USA – and used it… to make a pair of underpants scroll up and down! 63 more words


New site

The Vicar site opens for business (well, actually everything except “business” as Punk has finished the store yet). Bang on it, try not to break it and tell us what you think.
Be gentle!


THE END IS NEAR - an e-mail joke

Sean is the vicar of a Protestant parish on the border of Northern and Southern Ireland.
Patrick is the priest at the Roman Catholic Church across the road. 92 more words


Cada lugar de Almería, sea pueblo, ciudad, pedanía, paraje etcétera tiene un encanto especial. Hoy propongo una excursión para conocer la Villa de Vícar en el poniente almeriense. 343 more words

Excursiones Almería