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How I Come to Life: There Are No Rules

“I’m really close to telling you to break some rules.”

Those weren’t words I’d ever expected to hear from my Vicar. I’d just brought up my struggle with my sexuality, gory details and all. 1,208 more words

How I Come To Life

A smile from God

I don’t know if you watch Rev on BBC 2. It’s curently in it’s third season. It’s about a village vicar who moves to an inner city London church, facing all sorts of trials. 451 more words


A friend once told me

A friend once told me,
to never date a priest.

“They’re just…weird.”
and she should know
being clergy and all.

I think I get what she means… 104 more words

Benjamin says

Benjamin says I like that thing
You wear around your neck sometimes
But I think I like your eyes—
The way they crinkle at the sides… 110 more words

'Wholly Day - mild religious references contained within'

To some people, Easter Sunday is a holy day.  A time of religious rejoicing, spending time with the family and probably going to church at least once. 1,119 more words

Daily Blog

The Earl in My Bed

Paget Ellsworth walks the countryside lonely these days as her best friends are no longer at her side. One has past away while the other is at war.

284 more words
Thoughts On Books

The Good News of Christianity

I’ve been to a Gospel Rally held by STEMI (Stephen Tong Evangelistic Ministries International) in Bandung

One part of the event is the testimony by Ev. 362 more words