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Mary meets Mohammed

I sat through the screening of this documentary with my stomach in knots and a heavy weight on my chest. I asked myself, ‘Why did I come?’ 493 more words

What happens to all the painful / distressing things that you listen, see, watch, read…on a daily basis?

As a leader, coach or counsellor you spend your day listening to the traumatic incidents, challenges, and stories that your clients and colleagues share with you on a daily basis. 466 more words

Passionate? Engaged? Working really hard? You’re high risk for COMPASSION FATIGUE!

Many leaders, coaches and others in the helping professions find meaning and joy in their work. They give so much of themselves to their work, and to the people they work with. 497 more words

Journey of a recovering social care worker part 6: Getting Better

Does anyone else have a slight fear of celebrating success? I can be scared of elevating things that are going well in case it immediately triggers a downfall (I think that’s what Alanis meant in… 674 more words


Behind-the-Scenes (Part 2): How to Love Your Therapist Family & Friends

This is the second of a multi-part series taking you “behind-the-scenes” in the life and world of therapists and other mental health professionals. This is based on my personal experiences as a social worker and Marriage & Family Therapist, as well as stories from my personal networks. 1,437 more words

My Personal Journey

Jackie Burke, Clinical Director of NSW Rape Crisis Centre

When people make decisions that greatly improve the wellbeing of women and children who have experienced sexual or domestic violence, I feel we are getting somewhere as a community.

748 more words