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Vicarious Trauma - When Your Heart Can't Hold Any More Stories

My most recent posts were about compassion fatigue – the first was on recognizing compassion fatigue, and the second was on what to do (or not do) when you are… 1,126 more words


The Health Risks and Impacts of Helping People On Their Worst Day

Vicarious Trauma in the 9-1-1 Center

Vicarious Trauma

When people experience overwhelming and continuous volumes of information—particularly information that is emotionally charged—our bodies, minds and spirits adapt to help us cope. 3,023 more words


IACP Addresses the Health and Wellbeing of First Responders

First responders are regularly exposed to violent traumatic incidents including both mass casualty events and ongoing, everyday responses to individual victims of violent events. These experiences can lead to secondary traumatic stress or vicarious trauma in first responders, characterized by numbing or avoidance, hyper vigilance, anxiety, irritability, intrusive imagery and reduced capacity to be empathetic and/or effective with those they serve. 291 more words

Center For Officer Safety And Wellness

How child protection altered my brain...forever

I am taking a year off work, and yes it’s marvellous. In the name of finally putting my doctoral degree behind me (I am almost four years in) we decided as a family to tighten our belts and save our pennies so that I could do justice to the mountain of academic work I need to finish. 957 more words


Your job is not a hill you should die on

“This job is not your life” were the words I heard myself say for the twentieth time to yet another social worker who had come to me in a state of grief. 650 more words


7 Things to Do (or Not Do) in the Midst of Compassion Fatigue

*Disclaimer: As with all of my posts, the opinions expressed here are my own, unless otherwise noted. I am not describing any particular situation or person or organization, but am speaking in general terms about health care. 1,242 more words


I'm just going to come right out and say it...

My name is Sean. I am a victim of burnout.

It is sometimes said among social work circles that the “personal is political”. This quote suggests (at least partly) that public issues garnering attention among the masses tend to also be rooted in personal contexts. 607 more words