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past the cover: how having an invisible illness made me a more empathic social worker

The first time I heard a fellow social worker say, out loud, “If you come in with a coach bag and manicured nails and tell me you’re on welfare, you’re damn right I’m going to judge you,” I almost cried. 3,325 more words

Social Work

Journey of a recovering social care worker Part 1: Acknowledging loss

You don’t know how things are going to end at the beginning of something. Most new paths we take we begin with delicious excitement, trepidation, and the hope that things will work out well. 1,002 more words


Self Care

Today I wrote a psychosocial history for siblings on my caseload. The pain and loss experienced by all the different family members was heartbreaking, and all I was doing was reading and writing about it. 420 more words

#TBT: Making Meaning from the Collective Trauma of Public Violence

September 11 seems like a fitting day to reflect. Thought the incident that sparked this post occurred years ago, the feelings and concerns remain the same. 964 more words


Call for Pilot Sites: National Vicarious Trauma Toolkit

An Evidence-based Approach to Understanding and Addressing Vicarious Trauma in Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, and Victim Assistance and Emergency Medical Services Providers

 Northeastern University (Boston, MA), in collaboration with IACP and other partners, is seeking pilot sites to participate in a national-scope project to implement and evaluate a toolkit addressing vicarious trauma. 191 more words


Why Blog?

When I tell people I’m a social worker for CPS, child protective services, I generally get some pretty negative responses. “Why?” “That doesn’t pay well” and “Ohhh that must be so hard.” Now these aren’t necessarily wrong responses and if I am being honest I probably have these thoughts every day. 511 more words

Healing Vicarious Trauma with Writing and Meditation

The most effective and quick way to heal is by changing our consciousness. Consciousness is our awareness and perception of ourselves and the world around us. 1,640 more words

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