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I wish I could do this as much as I tattooed…! All of these are available for tattooing, please get in touch if you like what you see…

Traditional Tattoo

Smoking Pot with President of Uruguay

Check out this VICE Magazine video that highlights Cannabis Activity in Uruguay.

Peoples reactions to legalization.

I thought it was interesting that Uruguay’s current position is to identify the people who need potent cannabis, or have a dependency issue so that they can be given rehab. 65 more words


i-D Melbourne's Most Fashionable Skaters

In the eyes of those at i-D/Vice magazine skateboarders are still considered fashion icons. Their latest article explores five of the most influential skaters living in Melbourne and making a living either from designing or as a professional skateboarders. 9 more words

Fashion Designers

Swipe Left- Swipe (for your) RIGHT

It’s almost September- OK, August has just started but that doesn’t mean I can’t already see techy stars and social media chicks running around like crazy to plan another great Social Media Week for London. 397 more words

Ali Michael the Bronzed Beauty

Whenever I see that my favorite model Ali Michael has done a new photo shoot, I get really excited. The 24 year old started on the runways in 2007 and retired from the runways in 2010. 211 more words


The Pretend Artist: How to hate Jeff Koons like art's in crowd

The man every critic loves to hate, Jeff Koons is arguably the biggest artist in the world right now. He holds the title of ‘World’s most Expensive Living Artist’ and his solo show at The Whitney has people queuing for hours on East Seventy-fifth Street. 76 more words

Exhibition Reviews

Furries and fashion: do's and don'ts

VICE magazine is reputed to be some kind of a “hipster” bible, earning love or hate, depending on your perspective. Actually, their news documentaries have earned plenty of respect. 245 more words