Vice Magazine Redesign

The redesigned Vice Magazine is an informative, dynamic package of news, entertainment and retina-searing imagery, blurring the line between the linearity of print and the randomness of the web. 666 more words

Vice - Bruno Bayley - Industry Friday

Vice magazine is a global magazine company that was established in 1994 in Canada and has since been changing the news footage and magazine articles are being consumed by the general public. 1,164 more words


Week Five Directed Study - Grids

This week we learned about using grids in InDesign. This is a photo I’ve taken of Highsnobiety magazine. Throughout this magazine they use a grid system of two wide columns. 230 more words

Visual Design

Why Do Japanese Want To Be Black Like African-Americans

When I was little I remember thinking: “why do people want to go to the beach and get darker and then come to me saying 174 more words


Industry Friday - Guest Speaker - Vice Magazine - Bruno - 24th October 2014

Guest speaker: Bruno from Vice Magazine

Vice Magazine
Vice magazine age ranges from 18 to 30 usually but sometimes changes depending on the issues theme. 147 more words


Lecture 2 - Research and writing your essay - 22nd October 2014

Elements to your research and writing your essay:
– Research
– Planning
– Writing

> Inform your FMP
> Look at Vice magazine
> Walter Van B? 16 more words