Men Who Read and/or Write for VICE Like It's a Religion.

Writing for VICE is all very impressive when you’re trying to be impressive, but there are some “men” who take it just a little to the extreme. 103 more words


WTF? Vice Visits The Gyno For Latest Fashion Editorial (NSFW PHOTOS)

Sex sells, but this? We aren’t exactly sure what this is doing…

No, it isn’t an advertisement created to remind ladies to get their annual women’s wellness exam. 148 more words



Jay had heard that you could buy fake IDs in New York.  All that he knew was that you could get them on Canal Street. Jay remembered Sloppy Sullivan showing him the one he’d gotten while on a trip to New York with the Roosevelt High School Jazz Band. 982 more words

Blood Alley Photos in Feature Shoot's Group Show: 27 Flower Arrangements

Really excited to see my photography on Feature Shoot again! Super late on this post…better late than never! 2 photos from my Blood Alley series were chosen by  

56 more words


Justin Lowe & Jonah Freeman - Instillation - Bright White Underground

For our Group Field Project we have finally came to the conclusion that we are going to do an instillation. the instillation itself will inhibit a space and make the person inside the space feel a certain way our restrictions we are going to apply to the instillation is that the art piece itself is one on one creating a more personal response for the user. 58 more words

Fine Art

Bullying people's Blackness is racist! Not the other way around.

Vice Magazine’s David Schilling has labelled the Black Community of Portland “Racist” for not allowing a Trader Joe’s into the neighbourhood.

Trader Joe is a white people’s store. 876 more words

Social Issues