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116. Chapped

Abysmal always sip of parting wine,
a coveted promise sweet and bitter
for tongues too seasoned and drunken minds
half-accepting their last supper,
the mutual laughter drowned in music… 66 more words


Global Activism/ Global Media

The first and only book that I’ve read abut activism and how it’s portrayed in the media. Published in 2005 by Pluto Press, this small but vitally useful publication is comprised of shorter essays, and taught me about movements/ types of activism/ social change and attitudes towards self activism and protests/ global communication/ and the powers and weaknesses of media politics.  674 more words

R&R in Good 'Ol Qatar, now with more Vice

My story on my 4 day pass to Qatar in 2003 was published in Vice this week, a much more suitable home than this blog. It is also is getting a little bit of love on the… 29 more words


The End of Death By Audio: A Punk Venue Goes Out with a Middle Finger in the Air

It’s common knowledge that the best funerals aren’t dreary—they’re giant, exuberant celebrations of life replete with music, friends, family, and beams of love shooting off in every direction. 899 more words