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Zine: Student Guide to Campus Sexual Assault

Check out this amazing zine about rape culture at ASU: A Student’s Guide to Campus Sexual Assault at ASU and in Barrett. While SDASA did not create or publish this zine, we fully support and endorse its message! 13 more words

Arizona State University

The Darkest Side of Internet Sexuality: Slut Shaming Dead Girls

I’ve been focusing on a lot of stranger topics lately, so I thought with this post I’d bring things back to a classic feminist issue: slut shaming and victim blaming. 523 more words


Bystander blaming

Trigger warning – talk of violence and sexual assault.

I know I’ve talked before about my love for the Belle Jar Blog. And I do love it! 1,107 more words

Case Study: Richmond Confessions, Take Back the Night, and Rape Culture

I do not claim to be above the baser pleasures of internet perusal.  By this, I mean that I, like 1837 other people (who are willing to admit, through the “liking” of a Facebook page), am addicted to reading Richmond Confessions on Facebook.   469 more words

Victim-Blaming vs. Personal Responsibility

A while ago, I wrote something about educating women on how to help keep themselves safe.  While it didn’t receive much attention here, radical-feminist Tumblr went nuts all over it, accusing me of the lowest form of sin: “victim-blaming.” 1,187 more words


"What were you wearing..."

By: Devin Casey

In March Buzzfeed posted an extremely powerful article that compiled a series of tweets regarding the clothes worn by victims when they were sexually assaulted. 263 more words