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You try to Call it, You raised the stakes, I counter!

And to be honest, if kids are involved, and somebody kidnaps me and tries, of which people will try to push boundaries as far as they can, and have, And somebody tries to get me to touch a kid inappropriately, or frame me as a child molester, your going to have to shoot me. 178 more words

Arkansas Rape Victim

On Ray Rice, Stephen Smith and Victim-Blaming

“On Thursday, the NFL punished Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice with a two-game suspension after the player allegedly knocked out his fiancée during an altercation in February. 348 more words

Meet Schizophrenic & Bipolar also known as Acute Fungal Sinusitus & Severe Allergies

It must be a a mood disorder, or a mental illness, since crime victims imagine criminals and have severe allergies, nasal polyps, they dont feel too well starving, and get angry when people aren’t taking crime victimization seriously……Imagine that! 59 more words


Cosplay.. to the Dogs

So I was doing my usual prausing of facebook when I ran across a collegehumor post called “nerds caught staring at cosplay girls”. I thought there would be some pretty hilorous pictures in there and there were a few that dlieverd. 510 more words

Hobart & William Smith President in letter to students, "Can that rape victim STFU? Our policies are legal!"

Dear Students,

As the President of Hobart and William Smith Colleges, it is incumbent upon me to offer some words of encouragement regarding the unfortunate and disheartening annoyance which has put our campus in the cross-hairs of the liberal media. 1,715 more words