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Creepy quiet

I have not one, but two repair people coming to my home today.  This gives me a lot of anxiety.

I think when people think of survivors of sexual assault, they think of people who have anxiety related to walking alone at night, going to nightclubs, excessive drinking at parties, and other situations the victim “shouldn’t have been in” which put her at risk and now cause anxiety.   573 more words


goodbye keepers

Why don’t you keepers tell everyone that you all got fired? It happened because you two aren’t doing what he needs and didn’t accomplish what he asked you to. 18 more words


Craigslist ads up

Just loaded a bunch of Craigslist ads to contact these liars. I put their actual contact information and address so go ahead and do your worst


Beyond Survivor

There is a song that has the line,
That tells the person that hurt them,
That “I survived you” but this song,
Is just in reference to a broken heart, 413 more words

Sexual Abuse

Leigh Ann: Tim McGraw's Slap Victim Gets A Lawyer

Well, I knew this was coming. Did anyone think she wouldn’t lawyer up?

Take a look at the video HERE.

Do you think he slaps her and deserves a settlement?


Victim Mentality...

Many moons ago I lived (how I survived I do not know) with a true ‘Victims Mentality’. I mean I blamed everyone and everything negative in my life for my circumstances and dilemmas…….it was all their fault!!! 393 more words

Not even a slap on the wrist for Derbyshire thugs!

During the evening of 12th April, 2010, Alan, a Derbyshire pensioner, was assaulted by four men in their late thirties/forties and sustained considerable injuries.

Alan lives with his wife on a farm where she runs her riding school and animal sanctuary. 597 more words