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This incredibly brave woman has spoken out to bring her rapists to justice

Originally published in the Olive Press – currently running a campaign ‘Smash the Spiking’. The campaign has three aims: more statistics, better policing, clearer advice. 702 more words

Warring Hearts

I live in Beirut, Lebanon. Usually we hear older people talk about the war. It is them, the older generation, that speaks of times of war and physical conflicts used to try and resolve territorial issues. 999 more words

My Journey To Manhood

Day 20: 100 Days Happy

Today I’m just happy to be alive. Today I’m not depressed. Today I’m not exhausted. Today I’m not sad. Today I just am. And that makes me happy. 



He always sets his alarm clock for at least 15 minutes before mine. 

He brings a cup of coffee to my bedside when I can’t get up.  83 more words


How to Avoid Being a Target

An important factor of being empowered is to avoid being a target. Rapists and attackers are looking for two things: the perfect opportunity and the perfect victim. 474 more words


Power building on the Journey-Tough topics call for action

“Just say no”  – That was a popular slogan. I remember wondering how. How do you say no? I wasn’t good at it. I was powerless. 429 more words

Day 19: 100 Days Happy

I am an organization freak! I’m told it’s a part of my control issues (thanks to my old shrink for that bit of info). Well this school year is going to be a busy one and it’s only just started. 53 more words