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Modesty, Male & Female Chastity, Honoring God?


The Emporer’s New Clothes? Fighting victimization nudity by choosing to pose nude? That’s like being raped then choosing to have promiscuous sex to show you can. 85 more words

Shaming and blaming the victim is its own abuse

I spent 3 and a half years in an abusive relationship. I never believed it was one, because in all that time I only once or twice felt the fear of physical harm (until after the relationship, when I was almost thrown down a flight of stairs). 587 more words

Things That Make Me Go Hmmm....

Living In Your Back Story

Panic-driven soliloquies roam the catacombs of her consciousness; strewn with misanthropic motives, crouching corpses, and decaying dreams dolor. Suddenly exploding from the shadows, more electrifying than life, are the fluorescent ghosts of fear, of loss, of pain. 1,014 more words


Transcending Trivialities

I miss holidays!

While back to college has caused a spike in my frustration levels, I must say things haven’t been as hectic as it was during last semester. 615 more words

Thoughts In Words

Safety at the Pump


 You have heard the story before. A woman pulls up to a gas pump and hops out of her car to quickly fill up her gas tank on her way home from work. 357 more words

Dear Diary

Happy Anniversary

I know it’s early for me to be posting another blog but today is a special day. Today, three years ago, I left the Canadian Army. 415 more words

Mood Management

Big Changes Are Cathartic.

Some changes are purely intellectual exercises. They make sense. We know how to achieve them. We get them done.

Big changes have an intellectual component…but they go much deeper. 598 more words