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The power of words-a holiday quote

Every now and again, VAMB will express simple advice of wisdom from special individuals across the globe. And these quotes and passages will associate to our critical cause. 150 more words


I'm on welfare! Nuff said!

I notice how, in the last year, many of my challengers, adversaries, critics and enemies tend to remind me that I receive assistance from the government. 971 more words

Sebastian Alverius

The Shoulberg case gets even better...

Before an hour ago, I had nothing to post regarding any significance, for this Friday is such a quiet one. But, if you are patient, Father Time never let’s you down. 1,214 more words

Sebastian Alverius

The religious slumlords of New York

It would seem my summer has not been the most positive of periods.

In the month of July, I was the unfortunate victim of an improper eviction. 1,131 more words

Sebastian Alverius

VAMB general promotion and grassroots campaigning against animal theft criminal Alexis Shoulberg

On three seperate occasions in the month of September, VAMB will organize and operate its first of many promotional campaigns geared at decreasing the incredulity of our mission and to market our platform to interested supporters. 230 more words

Sebastian Alverius

VAMB's latest case update of the thieving animal snatcher Shoulberg

I’m not a stranger to confrontation. Nor am I afraid of it. To everyone who truly knows me, they find me to be diplomatic beyond comparison, but fierce if necessary. 519 more words

Sebastian Alverius

Psychological Terrorism

It’s possible you have been a victim to this form of abuse, but never realized it. This is because there are other types of abuse that gets assumed before this form of high level abuse gets noticed. 251 more words

Sebastian Alverius