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Researchers Discover a New Class of Privilege and it's the Most Terrifying Yet

Los Angeles-  We are aware of White privilege and Male privilege, however a new classification blows those respective classes out of the water. There has been talk of a new privileged group among a demographic that has faced oppression for centuries. 257 more words


"Psychological Manipulation"

“There are those whose primary ability is to spin wheels of manipulation. It is their second skin and without these spinning wheels, they simply do not know how to function.” 1,373 more words


July 30, 2014 by DR. SUSAN BERRY
Despite Common Core champion Bill Gates funneling millions of dollars from his foundation to powerhouses like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce… 348 more words



The company did not want to fire me, though they had every opportunity to do so and needed no cause whatsoever, but they refused to do so and I believe it is because they did not do their due diligence during the Orientation Process in 1997 when I was first hired.  215 more words

Managerial Malfeasance

Roseanne Fulton free on bail after assault

Roseanne Fulton free on bail after assault

Yahoo! 7 News, 11 July 2014

Accessed on: 18 July 2014

Commentary by: Jeanelle Mandes

Rosie Fulton, from Alice Springs – the largest town in the Northern Territory in Australia, was incarcerated in an Australian prison for crashing a stolen vehicle. 269 more words

Pedophilia, Incest, and Graphic Sex: Excerpts from a Common Core Reading List Book for 11th-Graders That Will Make You Blush

August 22, 2014 by Mike Opelka

Common Core, the controversial set of education standards being pushed by many state governors and education leaders, is coming under fire for its selection of a book that’s on the suggested reading list for 11th graders (i.e. 346 more words

Left Wing

About 4% of females and 8% of males who were victimized by an intimate partner were shot at, stabbed, or hit with a weapon

According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, not only is Domestic Violence on the decline, but they also revealed that women are twice as likely as men to shoot at, stab, or hit their partner with a weapon. 180 more words