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Reflections on Ferguson

Prior to August 9, Ferguson, Missouri was a relatively non-descript northern St. Louis county community that registered barely in the consciousness of most people living in the metro area, much less the U.S. 1,504 more words


I Am Absolutely Infuriated!

I am so angry that I literally cried myself to work this morning! I am not angry at Officer Wilson, I am not angry at Michael Brown, I am not even angry at the people of Ferguson – I am angry with all of us, who are on the sidelines, screaming, yelling, and instigating more hate! 360 more words


Nefarious Troll

I’ll Just Put This Here

Hmm… This looks familiar. The coordinates obtained from IP Address indicated the posting location of the Internet Troll that took it upon themselves to comment on my last blog entry, which was not about them, seems to be by way of Miami. 796 more words

BiPolar Disorder

On Jean-Francois Bayart's "Africa in the World: a History of Extraversion"

Jean-Francois Bayart’s “Africa in the World: a History of Extraversion” sheds lights on Sub-Saharan Africa’s dependency on the external world. In fact, Bayart denies the theories of Africa being marginalized in the world economy citing “the dynamics generated by the manner Africa inserted itself into this world economy” (237). 618 more words


We Still Have So Far To Go

I wanted to do a light-hearted post on something random today, but I can’t seem to get past my feelings on a couple of articles that I read recently. 948 more words

Random And Casual Thoughts From The Author


There is a whole hell of a lot of non-consensual sex going on in the news, these days. Self-proclaimed Canadian media icon Jian Ghomeshi has been outed as a sexual predator and pilloried on the unsheathed blades of unflinching public opinion. 780 more words


What adults can do about bullying

This week is National Bullying Awareness Week.  We’ve all heard the stories about bullying and how far things can go.  Too many kids now will choose suicide over the relentless tormenting and harassment that can come with bullying behaviour.  1,256 more words