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Seeking forgiveness after hurting someone’s reputation (a special post)

(Here at VAMB, we strive to not only provide training to the afflicted, but, at times, the abuser as well. Consider the fewer number of defamers we would have on the street if they would seriously take heed to the following words!) 749 more words

Sebastian Alverius

Force of Feeling

We are frailness and fragility
Encased in deceitful bodies

At times thrown mercilessly
By the sheer force of feeling

Ripped apart and reassembled
Injected with potent delirium… 36 more words


Myths and Facts about Suicide

I remember when I was in grade school and I heard about a classmate’s brother who died at the family home.  He was found in the barn and he had taken his own life.   790 more words


Whose Change Is This Anyway? Does It Really Matter?

Sometimes we are very conscious of the process that has brought us to the verge of–or even into the heart of–a life-altering change. The light bulb came on. 504 more words

Shoulberg's blocked calls and messages-what is her purpose?!

In the last three days, VAMB has heard/listened to seven (7) voicemail messages, all of them catagorized as blocked/unknown, by Alexis Cagan Shoulberg. These messages began after Shoulberg changed her phone number from the victim and us. 638 more words

Sebastian Alverius

Shoulberg promotional event, round one, a complete success!

There is truly something significant about hard work and dedication for a cause. In this case, exposing a thief to an innocent community is by far a more advantageous way of adding security to a peaceful and just mass of people. 103 more words

Sebastian Alverius

We feel for Shoulberg (***w/ latest developments***)

One of the truest and more powerful forms of vengeance is forgiveness. This is believed among the lot of the masses. No one expect this act to be used, and it’s used when one least expects it. 1,893 more words

Sebastian Alverius