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Take Ownership!

It is your life, your call, your game, YOUR experience. Choose to be victimized if you want too, but things are going to happen period. Whether you are at the hand of it or not. 335 more words

Necessary Targets: Between Empowerment and Victimization

“But inside me it’s really violent. One part of me hates the other part”

says one of many women who were raped in Bosnian camps and who does not know what to expect from a person who came to help simply because she knew many others who came only to rape. 

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I Get To

The “I get to” mentality is something that my clients and those who know me are very familiar with. Essentially it is the idea that “we get to” as opposed to “we have to”. 501 more words

How does an abuser gain control?

Despite the image of some big scary person losing total control and beating their partner, domestic violence is actually not due to an abuser’s loss of control.  456 more words


J is for Juvenile Justice - A to Z on Child Abuse Prevention

Many studies have been done showing that child abuse can lead to many unfortunate outcomes later in life. In “F is for Facts” you saw that children who experience child abuse and neglect are 9 times more likely to become involved in criminal activity. 260 more words

Blog Challenge

the word Secret

In various posts over the years I have written about the use of the word secret. I have added in my thoughts about this word in addition to whatever topic I was exploring, but I have never made an entire post about this word. 1,588 more words

All Kinds Of Advice

How to be a respected woman?

I just recently discovered that I am human. Somehow this fact was overlooked in my upbringing.

My father is a victim. Not a victim of one particular crime, but his whole demeanor is that of a victim. 384 more words