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I have had cancer twice, almost died twice from high blood pressure at age 15, was addicted to drugs and was an alcoholic.

For 23 years I was abused by my ex-husband in ways that I could not say out loud in divorce court so I walked away with only my life and a few pennies he was forced to give me so that I would sign the house deed over to him. 263 more words


Support for Young Witnesses: a Human Rights Issue - Guest Blog by Paola Uccellari

 Paola Uccellari is Director at CRAE – Children’s Rights Alliance for England. 

“Reading the experiences of the brave children on this website is tough. Their shocking stories show how far we still have to go if children’s human rights to be protected from violence, abuse, neglect and harm are to be made real. 805 more words

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Re-post: The Definition of Victim Blaming

**Below is a super out-of-date blog post that I wrote nearly a year ago for a different blog. But upon re-reading it, I thought it was a really perfect example of the kind of writing you’re likely to see on this blog, should you choose to read it. 1,438 more words


Support our e-petition to Government so No Child has to Face their Abuser at Court

Thank you to everyone who has already supported the NSPCC’s Order in Court campaign to improve the treatment of young victims and witnesses in the criminal justice system. 324 more words

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Somalis: Why victimized by all?


To begin with, it’s fair to ask oneself who are the Somalis? The questions sound a little bit weird as the created view of the Somali by the Jubillee government is one that drives shivers in the spines of Kenyans. 812 more words



Romania, 1947-1964: The youngest political prisoner was 8 years old.

About 150,000 people died in the communist political prisons.

Think again.

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Can the liquor ban end domestic violence?

Can the liquor ban end domestic violence?

Asha Prakash, TNN | Aug 29, 2014, 08.10PM IST



The proposed ban on bars and foreign liquor outlets in Kerala by the government has triggered a volley of questions. 893 more words