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Modernity Dawns

How to Be a Victorian: A Dawn-to-Dusk Guide to Victorian Life By Ruth Goodman

If you don’t live in England, you might not recognize the name Ruth Goodman. 833 more words


What was So Great About Old-World England?

When you think about historic England, try not to go so far back to Henry VIII and beheading his wives. Instead, go back to the… 145 more words

Victorian Era

Child Labor in Victorian London

1.  How is it that employers could abuse peoples’ children without consequences AND have the right to fire kids because their parents tried to intervene?  Why were factories so hazardous and inefficient that children were dying from accidents?   326 more words

Child Labor and its impact on the lower class

  1. After reading the passage I began to wonder about the psychological impact that child labor has on children. Elizabeth Bentley’s testimony describes the physical abuse that took place such as, “the over looker strapped me on the arm, and it rose a blister” (Bentley 1).
  2. 370 more words

Victorian Influence on Modern Day Valentines

History of St. Valentine’s Day

Commemorations of St. Valentine’s Day are rooted in the Middle Ages when the custom of selecting a partner on that saint’s day began because it was believed that birds began mating on that day. 540 more words

Victorian Era

Victorian Era Valentine Cards

Victorian Valentines

Valentine’s Day had become a popular holiday in Great Britain during the Victorian era. Partly because of the idealization of romance and the domestic life, and partly due to the growing middle class that wanted to live a life of significant elegance and deportment. 163 more words

Victorian Era