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The fate of every soul rests upon his shoulders. His fate rests in the hands of a troubled, young girl.

It’s 1895 — the cusp of the Victorian and Edwardian eras — and Bartholomew Pelletier is a gentleman and a warrior. 157 more words

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Victorian typography at its crazy best

There’s no doubt the Victorian era has had a huge influence on typography trends of today- think hand-crafted script fonts, scrolls, condensed type and curved headings. 71 more words


"How to Catch a Bogle" by Catherine Jinks

The Plot in 5 Sentences or Less:  Alfred Bunce and his apprentice Birdie work in Victorian era London as boglers, a kind of early ghostbusters that traps and kills nasty monsters and demons that haunt the dark places in cities and eat children.   190 more words

Book Review

Review: The Madman’s Daughter by Megan Shepherd

Dark themes are making their way into YA novels, like monsters, demons, murder, and twisted morals. I’m quite enjoying this shift in the book world. I hope it sticks around for a while. 544 more words


Gearing up for Steam Tour: Sweeney Todd and the String of Pearls

London, 1859. Holborn’s shameless streets are awash with unsavoury individuals, wiling away their lives practicing the variously sordid Victorian vices of the times. 62 more words



Welcome to this special series focusing on the fashions of the 20th century, and today we are taking a look back at the fashions of the very beginning of the century, the 1900s… 239 more words


Horse-drawn tram (summer version) - Cracow 1883

Horse-drawn tram (summer version) – Cracow 1883 by Karwik

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