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A page in our little album that does not feature its residents to their best portrayals, unfortunately. The tiny gem tintypes have shifted in their placeholders and threaten to hide some of the better elements on them. 200 more words


In the Words of Arnold Bennett (3): Like Threading a Needle

‘…the assembly, including several urchins, watched with held breath while Aunt Harriet, after having bid majestic good-byes, got on to the step and introduced herself through the doorway of the waggonette into the interior of the vehicle; it was an operation like threading a needle with cotton too thick. 64 more words


Bow tie girl

Today’s image reminds me of a country song, “she used to tie her hair up in ribbons and bows, sign her letters with x’s and o’s.” The young ladies here have put on their Sunday best to have their images struck. 276 more words


1860 Joke Photographs

Sequence of posed joke photographs of five stages of putting on a crinoline, ca. 1860.

I’ve seen these pictures all over the internet, and people seem to think they’re serious! 76 more words


Crooked Friends

It can be frustrating as a collector of photographs and antique albums to find that images have gone askew and crooked over the years. I hesitate to touch them as I don’t want to damage the delicate surfaces of tintypes or CDVs. 374 more words


Victorian Project Introduction

Guest Contributor: Alyson

About Me

Before I can properly introduce the project, I do need to say a few words about myself. I am a mother, college student, and part time worker at the bookstore of my school. 1,083 more words