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the listener

Holding her breath, she stood stalk still, she didn’t want to listen, but she couldn’t help but overhear the conversation in the hall.  Her husband was talking to another woman as they approached the doorway she had been about to enter. 505 more words


Hello and welcome to Belle Lapin, a blog dedicated to all elegant and adorable! I will be discussing a variety of topics on this blog. From Victorian fashion, silent movies, classic literature to Baroque music, I will be covering it all. 91 more words

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SLCC nine days to go... For today: EB's Confectionarium

So for today’s countdown to Comic Con I have a treat from my coloring book ‘Miss Minerva Prim’s PocketGuide to the Fashionable Elite of St. Augustine’.  260 more words


Dr Who

I must admit that (visually at least) I loved the new series of Dr Who. From the start it was obvious that its flirtations with steampunk are now a full-blown marriage. 71 more words



A page in our little album that does not feature its residents to their best portrayals, unfortunately. The tiny gem tintypes have shifted in their placeholders and threaten to hide some of the better elements on them. 200 more words


In the Words of Arnold Bennett (3): Like Threading a Needle

‘…the assembly, including several urchins, watched with held breath while Aunt Harriet, after having bid majestic good-byes, got on to the step and introduced herself through the doorway of the waggonette into the interior of the vehicle; it was an operation like threading a needle with cotton too thick. 62 more words


Bow tie girl

Today’s image reminds me of a country song, “she used to tie her hair up in ribbons and bows, sign her letters with x’s and o’s.” The young ladies here have put on their Sunday best to have their images struck. 276 more words