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The American Road Trip • Part II

 OUR WORK DONE, THE 6′ X 12′ U-Haul trailer safely delivered, unloaded, and returned, the American Road Trip continues northward, a streak of joyous abandon.  No timetable, almost.   212 more words

Product Review

Collectibles: Phonograph Needle Tins


I just bought a 100-year old wind-up Victrola gramophone. It plays old 78 rpm records and needs no electricity: just wind it up with a few turns on the crank, drop a 100 year-old record like ‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary’ on the platter, and gently drop the heavy tone-arm (or ‘reproducer’ as it was called then) on to the disc. 610 more words

Relaxing with a coffee...

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