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Where were you?

Fourty-five years ago today was the historic moment when man first stepped on the moon.   I was a young girl and not in to all that space stuff, like my husband was, yet I can remember that day. 215 more words


Rare and spooky interior shot

This photo confuses me. I love the ordinariness of it, because it makes me think I am glimpsing a authentic interior from 1910 or so. Mission furniture, the linoleum or oil cloth on the floor, the Victorian brass pot with fern, the Victrola- all wonderful. 86 more words


A Day in the Life of a Ficus 20

You ever think you’ve finished a comic and then realize that you have somehow completely forgotten to add any speech bubbles? No? Maybe I need sleep…the next comic may be viewed on the website.

A website: ficuscomic.com


Vintage Argentine Postcard - "Tango en El Bulin" by Sigfredo Pastor

Vintage Argentine Postcard – “Tango en El Buun” by Sigfredo Pastor
Oversize postcard from my personal collection.
Sigfredo Pastor was an Argentine artist who created a number of these tango scenarios. 18 more words


78 Revolutions per Minute, Pt. 2: The Decline of the Wax Cylinder

Technological changes in the music industry and the ways in which consumers culturally embrace these changes are important yet overlooked components of pop song history. Depending on consumer tastes, popular formats replace each other time and time again. 3,340 more words