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Record Players For Cars Seemed Like A Good Idea In 1956

The history of consumer goods is littered with brilliant ideas that weren’t quite ready for public consumption yet. In the ’50s, if you wanted to listen to some music in your vehicle, your choices were listening to the radio or forcing your family members to sing. 393 more words

March 31, 2014

Those are mountains back there!! I love this city.

Also, coffee and hills are everywhere.

The Victor Talking Machine Company

No discussion of records or record players is complete without bringing up the Victor Talking Machine Company.

The company is well known for its logo, showing a fox terrier looking into a phonograph with the words “His Master’s Voice.” (Some claim that the surface the dog sits on is his master’s coffin, though that’s never been confirmed.) 283 more words


Flirting with the 40s/50s - RCA Victrola Shell

This requires a trip to the hardware store,  way out of my comfort zone.
Bar, Office Cabinet, Buffet?  Painting the inside, but not out. To be continued…..

CNN Names Seattle One of the Greatest Coffee Cities in the World

CNN recently released an article about 8 great coffee cities of the world and surprise surprise Seattle made the cut. Seattle was actually the only American city on the list. 77 more words