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Feeling First, Thinking Second - The Mental Area Of Life: SoulFullHeart Vlog Series Day Ten Part 4 of 8

Today’s conversation is about how¬†SoulFullHeart offers that while we appreciate and honor our minds ability to filter and understand reality, we feel that the mind has been overemphasized and developed in our modern culture. 266 more words

By Wayne Vriend

Ask a Crafter 33!

Hello friends! Here is the latest Ast a Crafter!

If you have a question for the next show then leave a comment, next week is school vacation so there will be no “ask a crafter” but I will return in 2 weeks with more AAC fun! 10 more words

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See Taylor Swift Surprise A Fan At Her Wedding Shower

Can you imagine this happening to you? We learned yesterday that Taylor surprised a fan in Ohio over the weekend, dropping in on her wedding shower.

Now we get the video:


Day 29 - weigh in Wednesday

It’s time for the Weekly Video Blog!

<p><a href=” Bathing Suit – Week 4</a> from <a href=”; on <a href=”;.</p> 104 more words

Being Prepared

We are a family of four, if something happens and we can’t get to the stores because of chaos we don’t want to be without our basic needs. 40 more words


Random Ribbit: Lala Land Video Blog Day 9

Today was one of those days that is so randomly amazing its hard to find the words to describe it! I got tons of work done (30 lbs of soap!), got to hang out with my mom (whom I am lucky enough to work with almost every day so Grape gets to see his Grandma almost every day), AND to top it all off some family that we haven’t seen in years were randomly in town! 63 more words

Random Ribbit

CARMENISMS: My Bad Crooked Teeth

My Bad Crooked Teeth

JavaScript required to play My Bad Crooked Teeth.

The Gist:

“It’s something unique about me…”

“…always put a good spin on things I guess…” 161 more words