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Rester en contact pendant les fêtes de fin d’année ? Avec Skype, c’est du gâteau !

Thanksgiving. Hanukkah. Noël. Le Jour de l’An. Tout comme un bon repas, les traditions familiales se succèdent et se savourent mieux ensemble. Mais parfois, des billets d’avion trop chers, des obligations professionnelles ou les aléas climatiques peuvent vous empêcher de partager ces fêtes de fin d’années. 469 more words

Virtual Ever After.

“And i promise this would work”, said Tom to his girlfriend.

Relatable?, how often have we come across relationships that have to prove their undying love to distance? 174 more words


Date Night with Skype

The holidays are just around the corner—making time spent apart from your sweetie all the more sensitive. But don’t despair! With Skype as a third-party means of keeping in touch, you can hone in on your honey—no matter far away they are. 413 more words


Frankie Ballard: The Skype Six is a Helluva tour

My favorite part about what I do is being out on the road touring, I definitely feel more at home on the road than I do in Nashville. 339 more words


Microsoft abandons Lync for Skype

As it is clear from their webpage, Microsoft has abandoned it’s IM, VOIP and conference client Lync. For those of you who don’t know what Lync is, it was a client used for the 3 key functionalities that I just mentioned and it did so through private servers. 61 more words


Hello Firefox! Mozilla's browser gets built-in WebRTC video chat through Telefónica partnership

In one of the biggest shake-ups for the browser business in ages, Mozilla and the Spanish carrier group Telefónica have revealed a partnership that will see voice and video-chat capabilities built right into the Firefox browser – or at least the desktop beta version, for now. 1,148 more words

Using Skype and Bing Maps to navigate the Tricks and the Treats this Halloween

Zack, while on a quick trip to grab coffee for his coworkers, somehow ended up in a corn maze a few miles north of nowhere. Despite a couple wrong turns and a few cold Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Louie managed to make it out of the maze and back to the office by getting directions from his coworkers over Skype on his smart phone. 420 more words