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Ushahidi 4636

This video introduces the role of Ushahidi 4636 in Haiti Earthquake. Patrick Meier, the director of crisis mapping at Ushahidi, and Josh Nesbit, executive director respectively describe how their organizations and volunteers respond to the Haiti earthquake.


OpenStreetMap for Haiti Earthquake

OpenStreetMap mainly depends on the power of crowdsourcing to provide valuable information for volunteers and relief workers in Haiti Earthquake. The users of OpenStreetMap tried to plot Haiti maps by using the updated satellite images. 9 more words


Digital mapping effort in Haiti

In 2010 Haiti Earthquake, a series digital mapping tools, including Google Maps, OpenStreetMap and Ushahidi, have demonstrated their abilities to aid first responders and relief workers save lives during the disasters.


Ushahidi Haiti

This is an interview video with several team members of Ushahidi.


BMWCCI Fun Track Day 2013 @Sentul

Sebuah pengalaman menarik yang di rasakan oleh teman-teman, sekaligus memperingati ulangtahun BMWCCI yang ke 10

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