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Amiibo Double Heartbreak

Two rare Amiibos. Two online orders from two separate retailers. Within the span of a week, all I could do was watch in dismay as both would cancel my orders for Captain Falcon and Villager. 113 more words

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I53 - Insomnia Gaming Festival 2014, Coventry

Who doesn’t love games? Most of us do, sure. Video games have come a long way since its introduction back around the 70’s and 80’s. I may not have been around to play  1,095 more words


Amiibo Story: Fox

Thinking about Fox McCloud of the Star Fox series takes me back to Toys R Us in 1993. At the time, my local Toys R Us had… 487 more words

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The Amiibo Collecting Struggle is Real

Collecting is a choice, not a right. When people get upset about the challenges that come with collecting Amiibos – myself included – it’s important to remember that. 1,492 more words

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Amiibo Story: Pit

Some of my earliest memories of gaming involve Kid Icarus. Not so much the actual playing of the game, but the hype surrounding it. In talks with other kids who were into Nintendo, … 452 more words

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