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Damion Schubert has blogged a post, which called for GamerGate supporters to form a consumer organisation. He claims that #GamerGate has come from Anonymous and 4chan’s culture of mob movement without any organization, which is not entirely true. 1,122 more words

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Gamergate: Clarity in Gamer Journalism vs. Women in Video Games


Gamergate (also referred to as #Gamergate) is a controversy concerning women, sexism and harassment in the video game culture and community. The controversy started in late August and continued through September concerning game designer Zoe Quinn. 921 more words

CFP: DiGRA 2015

Diversity of play: Games – Cultures – Identities
14-17 May 2015, Lüneburg, Germany


Video game culture has had a self-image of being a distinct cultural form united by participants identifying themselves as ‘gamers’ for many years. 532 more words

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Dealing with depression in Video Games

Depression is a horrible thing. While 1 in 4 people will end up having to deal with it at any given point in their lives, it is still surrounded by a lot of stigma. 815 more words

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Op-Ed: Capcom needs to stop forcing co-op into every Resident Evil game - 9/8/2014

According to the details gathered by GamesMaster, ‘Resident Evil: Revelations 2′ is suppose to continue the style of its predecessor and return the series to its horror survival roots. 489 more words

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Next Gen Busts

Last summer, my excitement for the start of next gen with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was at a fever pitch. It had been a long time since we’d made a technological leap and was anxiously looking forward to what the future would hold for gaming with these new machines. 703 more words

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Op-Ed: 'Metal Gear Solid' should not be remade - 8/24/2014

In this age of remakes, reboots and re-imaginings; it needs to be noted that not all classic works of the cultural arts need a makeover just to be more appealing for a new generation. 740 more words

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