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Sportsball Interview IndieCade 2014

Last but not least, our favorite game of IndieCade 2014. Try to keep up with the feathered, break-neck speed of Sportsball!

For more information on Sportsball check out: 9 more words


Runbow Interview IndieCade 2014

Want to play some competitive multi-player and piss off your friends all in one sitting? Then you need to pick up Runbow. It’s a fast paced game that keeps you glued to the controller. 9 more words


The Bravery of Felicia Day

This is Important.

I was first introduced to the awesomeness of Felicia Day when I found her comedy web series, “The Guild,” on Youtube several years ago. 634 more words



Damion Schubert has blogged a post, which called for GamerGate supporters to form a consumer organisation. He claims that #GamerGate has come from Anonymous and 4chan’s culture of mob movement without any organization, which is not entirely true. 1,122 more words

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Gamergate: Clarity in Gamer Journalism vs. Women in Video Games


Gamergate (also referred to as #Gamergate) is a controversy concerning women, sexism and harassment in the video game culture and community. The controversy started in late August and continued through September concerning game designer Zoe Quinn. 921 more words