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Gamergate: Clarity in Gamer Journalism vs. Women in Video Games


Gamergate (also referred to as #Gamergate) is a controversy concerning women, sexism and harassment in the video game culture and community. The controversy started in late August and continued through September concerning game designer Zoe Quinn. 921 more words

CFP: DiGRA 2015

Diversity of play: Games – Cultures – Identities
14-17 May 2015, Lüneburg, Germany


Video game culture has had a self-image of being a distinct cultural form united by participants identifying themselves as ‘gamers’ for many years. 532 more words

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Dealing with depression in Video Games

Depression is a horrible thing. While 1 in 4 people will end up having to deal with it at any given point in their lives, it is still surrounded by a lot of stigma. 815 more words

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Next Gen Busts

Last summer, my excitement for the start of next gen with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was at a fever pitch. It had been a long time since we’d made a technological leap and was anxiously looking forward to what the future would hold for gaming with these new machines. 703 more words

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What does Kickstarter mean for video games?

Kickstarter was founded in April 2009 around a very simple idea, “Why don’t we create a platform for budding entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas and have money thrown at them?”  860 more words

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So I Backed My First Kickstarter

Off the strength of a countless number of success stories, the crowdfunding process have become a staple of the modern entreprenurialship. Thanks to services like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, entrepreneurs have an easier way of raising money for their projects while backers can receive exclusive stuff for their support. 591 more words


Why are video game movies so poop?

As I found myself laying with my back on the grass and my head rested against the palm of my hands, the night sky took hold of me and refused to let go, like an insistent lover. 760 more words

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