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LifeSpark Arena Weekly Update 1/23/15 - Maps & Bugs!

Lifespark Arena Weekly Update 1/23/15

By Dominic

Hey everyone! Welcome to the new and improved LifeSpark Arena website. I’m Dominic Ricci, Marketing Director for LifeSpark and I’ll be jotting down some updates on our progress every week, here, on our site.  442 more words

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Destiny DLC-Content Was Ready To Ship When The Game First Released? Not Likely.

It seems a lot of people think that 8ecause a lot of DLC-only areas shipped with the Destiny disc, 8ungie had already finished those DLC and had no real reason to sell them apart from the core game. 383 more words

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PSRC: Progress - Painted, Sliced and Prepped

Another progress update:
This time coloring is fully completed for all 5 packs, all slicing done and all marketing/key images completed:

^The key image for the asset store. 87 more words

Organization, Communication, and Superpowers: Top 10 Posts of 2014

With the rush that was 2014 coming to a close, it’s time for the Top 10 year-end review. Even with unpredictable posting, Sockets and Lightbulbs continued to grow in 2014, with 81% more views and 35% more followers. 356 more words


PSRC Progress: Starter Pack, Heli, Boats, Guns

Since the last time, I looked at what more I could add to the Starter Pack of the Pixel Sprites ala Reactorcore (PSRC) series of game art, I had these so far: 348 more words

How to prevent others from making mistakes you see them about to make?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about an issue. The issue of me seeing people do dumb decisions and how could it be possible for me to prevent it. 1,797 more words

Announcing: PSRC - A huge library of pixel sprites

As a part of my long term goal of creating a boundless game I’ve been itching to create, I’ve been spending a lot of time this year on creating a systematic workflow for creating mass-produced pixel game art. 327 more words