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Legend of Luth Developer Update

Working on some improvements for Legend of Luth–did some refactoring of the codebase (in layman’s terms, restructuring code so it does the same thing, but in a way that’s better and easier to add to). 153 more words

A Giant Year Part 1 - A Year As A Hobbyist Game Dev

Well they say time flies, and I guess it is true! It is honestly hard to believe it has been a year (to the day!) since I turned my hand to this game development malarkey. 736 more words

Video Game Development

Week in review: 7/14/14

Hello all!

Starting this week, I’ll be writing up a brief synopsis of what the team has been up to every week to sort of keep a running dialogue on our progress as we travel down this dusty road of development. 438 more words

Fearing the Fahrenheit, Ripping the Tide

Phew, my talks on Persona are over. I feel like I could have done them a lot better, but to be honest it was hard to summarise everything I liked about the games. 1,071 more words

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New Video Tutorial

Hi guys!

Today I thought I’d share with you a tutorial I made that shows the basic use of Projection Master, a very nifty tool within ZBrush, to make normal maps. 11 more words

Futuristic Interactive Bio-Techno Clothing and Video Games

Dreams about Technology in the Future:

Mike Ash sent me an email which reminded me of an old prediction I made and then I dreamed about it again last night. 486 more words


Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen #2

Last week I sat down with our “top chef” Clark, to talk about what he does on our team, hopes for the future, and the many lessons learned in only a month of development.