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Game Design Part 1

Design is a word we hear pretty often nowadays. I think a lot of people have a hard time taking the title “designer” seriously un less it’s preceded by “industrial” and especially not if it’s preceded by “fashion”. 539 more words

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Play more games

Games have had a bit of a bad rep lately. Between Gamer Gate (euh) and people accusing games of making people violent, the game community hasn’t been doing too hot in terms of likeability. 425 more words

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Discovery and Delivery: A Balancing Act

After returning to work and the world of video game development, I continued to reflect on David Hussman’s point about balancing discovery and delivery when leading agility. 404 more words


About the place where I work

In my first entry, I’ll talk about the place where I currently work. The name of the company is Plunge Interactive, we work in software development, more specifically, in video game development. 231 more words

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I need art, I can't code, I'm not a business person. Who cares?

So a lot of hesitation to make games is due to someone’s abilities or lack thereof. But that’s just making excuses, nowadays with everything that’s available online, you can learn pretty much anything and find everything. 326 more words

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Picking an Engine

I started making my game a few months ago and one of the biggest challenges was picking an engine. I can code, but wouldn’t say I’m a “coder”, so I was worried about the engine to pick, and the steepness of the learning curve associated with it. 518 more words

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Week 4

As the game starts to take form, it seems that more questions start to arise. We’re still in a discovery stage, trying to figure out some of the core game mechanics while fighting against time to meet our milestones and objectives. 255 more words

Agile Methodology