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new OST clips - Gloomwood (procedural Victorian city exploration/survival game)

Here are some bits I’m currently working on for Dillon Roger’s new game. Gloomwood (working title). The game is planned to be a first-person rogue-like set in a Victorian era setting, which prioritizes exploration. 83 more words

Video Game Music

Interpose - Music

There is another big part of the gaming that I was always very much interested, but it was often overlooked. I’m talking about music and soundtracks in video games. 293 more words


Leaf Me Alone (David Fenn)

The Ludum Dare is an indie video game competition that challenges participants to come up with a functioning game in an absurdly small amount of time. 453 more words

Capsule Review

Aiko Island (Sean Beeson)

A puzzler for the iOS from developer Iceflame, Aiko Island was an entry into the post-Angry Birds genre of physics puzzles. It brought a few innovations to the table, like a colorblind mode and the deep integration of cookies at every level of gameplay, and was well-reviewed by those able to locate it amid the explosion of similar iOS games in the early 2010s. 441 more words

Capsule Review

“Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie … and Death Metal”

MLB 09 — “Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie … and Death Metal”

My choice for “Best Ever Video Game Soundtrack” is an easy choice. The songs chosen for SONY PlayStation’s… 352 more words