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Dragon Age Inquisition Trailer

This new Dragon Age Inquisition Trailer was just released, and I am thrilled.

First of all, I absolutely love Dragon Age Origins.  It’s one of the only games that I replay over and over, and that isn’t even because of the origin stories.   292 more words


ION Pokémon League: Spring Skirmish Preview - Paper Champion

The ION Pokémon League is a Wi-Fi battling competition on Pokémon X & Y Version. For details and to join, click here.

With the next IPL special event, Spring Skirmish, upon us, there are plenty of questions surrounding the reigning IPL World Champion, Alexander. 502 more words


Geeky pixel and video game inspired resume!

Annoyance #47 about being engaged to a graphic designer: They always want to try to “fix up” your resume. My hubby-to-be is applying for programmer jobs, and I was concerned the design of his resume might have been a little lackluster. 96 more words


Pokemon Y: The Game

So, I’ve been hearing some good things about the new game Pokemon x and y. So, I decided to buy Pokemon Y and see if it’s as good as everyone tells me. 400 more words


new Ace Attorney

This game was very big when the nintendo DS came out first in america but has since slowed down on sales. There is a new one for 3DS but there are no plans to release in the U.S. just yet.




Another day, another posting assignment (or a few!) Currently I’m doing a couple simultaneously, especially those dealing with site jiggling. So if you see my blog site transforming into hideous monsters or beautiful renditions of the… 706 more words

Video-game retailer's stock faces enormous risks (The Globe and Mail)

As an investor I spend a fair bit of my time looking into high-growth industries where technology is disrupting old markets. Sometimes I invest in companies that make clever use of disruptive technologies while other times I see an opportunity to…

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