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Charging on into Beta

So as we kick into week 8 our Tale of Nostalgia enters the next stage of production. This week we are moving into the beta phase. 417 more words

[ArcGames] Torchlight 1 for free via /r/GameDeals

Torchlight 1 for free


Submitted November 27, 2014 at 03:43AM by Sir_Rainbowdash
via reddit http://ift.tt/1rxJ27F

Drm Free

The Walking Dead

Is everyone enjoying season 5 of The Walking Dead? Out of curiosity; i was wondering which platform of the Walking Dead is most enjoyable (TV series; comic book or video game). 41 more words

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Top Three Thursday 11/27: Starter Pokémon

3. Piplup -> Prinplup -> Empoleon

I’ll be honest: the only real thing I like about this evolutionary line is Empoleon’s one-of-a-kind Water/Steel typing. It is one of the few Steel-types resistant to Water, the others being Ferrothorn and Dialga, and the only one simultaneously resistant (4x even) to Ice. 695 more words

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[Amazon] Far Cry 4, Free w/ Qualifying Samsung SSD (Free*) via /r/GameDeals

Far Cry 4, Free w/ Qualifying Samsung SSD (Free*)


Submitted November 26, 2014 at 11:57PM by Pugway
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Drm Free

lorekai: Built a Lego AT-AT instead of playing games.

So nothing to review this week, but it’s a pretty cool AT-AT, so time well spent. Though I am close to being able to review both Tales of Hearts R and Alpha Sapphire, as I’m approaching endgame in both, though with the release of Persona Q looming large it’s likely that I may end up distracted once again. 13 more words