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The other franchises let you experience the adrenaline and horror of war, or deep fantasy worlds, or pro sports. A Mario game lets you pretend to be a middle-aged chubster hopping onto a turtle shell. 13 more words


Game On: Super Mario 3D World (World 3)

Chris, Shaun, Jason and Tech Guy (who is talking now!) descend upon the colorful madness that is Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U. Like last time, Luigi is probably an assassin sent to kill every other member of the group. 74 more words

Video Games

Welcome to your doom: A Dark Souls 2 Review

Oh, you’re gonna die alright.  How you ask?  Lit on fire?  Maybe.  Stabbed by a skeleton knight?  It’s possible.  Crushed underfoot by a pair of giant conjoined lizardmen wearing plate armor and dual wielding clubs and scimitars?  543 more words


Let's Twist Again

( MA-HOOSIVE Spoiler alert for Silent Hill 2, Braid, Bioshock, KOTOR)

In 1987 ( I was minus 4) the very first Metroid game was released. A the end of the game it’s revealed you have actually been playing as a woman the entire time. 391 more words

Modern Games

The Walking Dead Season 2 Vita date announced

According to the Playstation blog April 22 is the day the Walking Dead Season 2 comes to Vita. The current episodes will be available for $5.00 each European players will get the game the day after. 67 more words

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