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Home is where the Haunt is

Between Humble Bundles and Steam Sales it’s a wonder that I still have my wallet. There’s nothing in it, but I still have it … for now. 1,016 more words


Dev Blog: Utility Cards and Weapon Crafting

I’ve noticed that the more The Regret of Vitrerran grows as a game, the more ideas it borrows from other games. There are already a lot of little influences scattered about, such as the… 707 more words

Game Development

Hyrule Warriors [Demo Impressions]

Late to the battle, but I figure I should give my thoughts on the Hyrule Warriors demo while it’s still relevant at the time about what I thought of the game and what to expect. 111 more words

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Super Smash Bros 3DS Demo Impressions

I was fortunate enough to be among the select Club Nintendo members to receive an early download code for the Super Smash Bros. 3DS Demo. Coincidentally, while I was reading about Nintendo sending out codes to select Club Nintendo members of Friday, I happened to look down at my phone and noticed I had just received said email! 1,292 more words

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Destiny and Writing

1. Destiny is a hodgepodge of a lot of different mechanical and conceptual elements that sometimes cohere but mostly fall apart, together, spectacularly. It’s hard to point to  1,176 more words

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ATB's Top 25 Female Characters: (16) Ellie

“You know what? No. How about “Hey, Ellie. I know it wasn’t easy, but it was either him or me, thanks for saving my ass.” You got anything like that for me, Joel?” 601 more words

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