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Favorite Video Game Scores

Series: Phoenix Wright, Castlevania, Fire Emblem 

Games: Shadow of the Colossus, Metroid Prime, Final Fantasy IV, Zelda: Twilight Princess 



Being A Gaming Professional and A Person (with Video)

I’ve already recorded the extra rambly video to go along with this post and even as I type, I still don’t know if I’m going to publish it. 2,911 more words

Video Games

The Feeling Dread Season 2 Episode 5

Wow, it’s been a much shorter time since the last episode, hasn’t it? If you missed my previous posts about the rest of the season, you can pretty much sum it up as “I didn’t like it”. 1,034 more words

Video Games

Custom Destiny LEGOS

These adorably badass custom LEGO figures of Destiny’s 3 different classes the Titan, Warlock and Hunter were created by Exxtrooper. He has taken each piece and custom crafted the body armor. 20 more words


The Stanley P.T.

YouTuber its a mirage put together audio from The Stanley Parable a narrative driven first person game to the recent released P.T. demo and it is gold. 24 more words

Video Games

ATB's Top 25 Male Characters: (6) John Marston

“Some trees flourish, others die. Some cattle grow strong, others are taken by wolves. Some men are born rich enough and dumb enough to enjoy their lives. 990 more words

Video Games

Game On: Kingdom Hearts (Part 55)

Chris, Shaun and Michelle tackle the madness that is Kingdom Hearts! This is the 1.5 HD Remix version, which means there’s bonus content and shiny visuals. 53 more words

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