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Games vs teachers: NOT Any More

The more I read about and explore the world of technology for teaching purposes, the more I realize how much digital skills I lack. I can’t consider myself a digital native as I had my first computer only when I was 14-15. 563 more words

Teaching With Technology

Death By Decapre

I have to admit that I didn’t expect to get much out of Decapre. Based on her similarities with Cammy and my struggles with using the original Killer Bee, I figured that any time with Decapre would end in disappointment. 836 more words

Video Games

Video game publishers mostly silent on Gamergate

Amid public outcry over cyber bullying of women in the video game industry, many game publishers have hit the mute button.

Companies are staying conspicuously silent about a spate of attacks on women who have been forced to flee for their safety after criticizing gamer culture. 594 more words


Sierra games and where my geek began

This is where my geek really began – Sierra On-line – the adventures of Roger Wilco and King Graham of Daventry – those tales that are burnt into my mind and will be one of the final images that’ll flicker before my eyes I’m sure! 198 more words

Kings Quest

Play Mario Kart on your living room floor (using robots!) with this awesome motion camera system

It’s unlikely Nintendo knew what a hit they had on their hands when releasing the very first Mario Kart title back in 1992. Since then, the series has gone on to be one of the company’s most consistently popular and best-selling properties. 420 more words