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Diablo 3 Primary/Secondary Affix List

This is a list of all regular Primary and Secondary stats that can roll on gear as of Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Patch 2.0.4. Since the introduction of Loot 2.0 all gear can roll up to 4 primary and 2 secondary affixes. 210 more words


The Future of Console Gaming: Sexuality

The Future of Video Games is a series that takes a look at the past of video games in order to examine certain pieces of technology to figure out the direction the industry is taking.   1,562 more words

Video Game Opinions

Impossible Gaming - Mega Man 3

Tristan tries his unpracticed hand at Mega Man 3 while Chadley mocks from the sideline. The two guys strike up conversation about Protoman, Tristan’s inability to use problem-solving tools, rude assumptions and more. 9 more words

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Rev Your Harley?

Hello all,

I normally don’t do cheesecake art for the sake of it but this picture turned in that direction. I have a history of drawing Miss Quinn and always get a kick out of it. 16 more words


Story in Video Games

One of the most regularly referenced points of commonality between video games and other art forms (assuming games’ status as art) is the capacity for storytelling. 168 more words

The Eater Of Worlds:HERO Chapter 37 Dont Let The Bed Bugs Bite

“I bring to you, an accomplishment never once completed by yourself. Be ready, for most who have entered to face these two devils have died, and very few of those times did men make it out alive. 4,009 more words

Video Games

Watch Members of What's Your Tag? and the TEAM XBRO Community Stream Warframe This Monday at 5pm PST!

Come watch members of What’s Your Tag? and the TEAM XBRO community live stream Warframe this coming Monday at 5pm Pacific! There is no ETA as to when we’ll be stopping, so be sure to check in if you have some free time Monday night. 16 more words