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Papers, Please Review - Nerve Wracking

During the 20oo’s (please pronounce as 20-aughts), PC gaming was considered dead. Thanks in part to Steam, PC has now become a bastion for gamers, offering some of the most creative independent games ever seen. 463 more words

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In the beginning...

It was school holidays, and I was visiting the home of a friend, who wasn’t much of a friend because I hardly ever saw him due to he and his family being overseas for nine tenths of their existence. 380 more words

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Will Strife Strive?

//TL;DR Section Below//

So another MOBA has plopped onto the scene. Strife, coming from the studio that brought you Heroes of Newerth, is another dota clone but with a twist. 1,344 more words

First Impression

Taking breaks from gaming?

Good Morning, fellow gaming enthusiasts. It’s just after 9am here in beautiful Cape Town, and I’m going to start this week’s post off with ‘games and breaks from it’ 494 more words


Good Listens

Listen. ┬áHeard this for the first time around a class campfire (seriously, I’ll explain it at some point, promise) and I love it. ┬áReminds me of my Anarchist Cookbook and also bad relationships, but in a good way. 15 more words

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