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Indie-cade and Eye-candy

If you’ve been following this blog for a while (specifically a year), you may remember when I set a goal for myself to submit my game to Indiecade.   1,226 more words

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Project Totem Update #2


Hi again!

The project is finally entering full production as off today. We’ll be having a stand-up scrum meeting, detailing the plan for our alpha build. 641 more words

The Secret To Life: Dark Souls!

It’s hard for me to plug myself.

That’s comes off as very vain when you read it aloud, but make no mistake that there’s a lot of sincerity in that statement. 81 more words


Tales of Xillia 2 Western Released Date Revealed

Today we got the release date for Tales of Xillia 2 in Europe and North America along with the Collector’s edition details for both regions. In Europe, the release date is August 22, 2014, and for North America the release date is August 19, 2014. 336 more words

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The Librarian and Nightmare Realm (also Mothership Zeta Crew) [spoilers]

I played through two fairly short but very well-done mods this evening (and didn’t get nearly as much laundry done as I wanted to… oops?). I’m working on a third, but it seems to be stuck, so I’m trying to figure out how to fix it. 621 more words

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Call of Duty Zombie Mode Wonder Weapons

What’s up guys its Keaton Der Toten with a tip on the wonder weapons.

Tip #6: The mystery box has wonder weapons that Rictofin invented. Each one is very useful on the zombies. 98 more words

PSTS Let's Play Killer7: Episode 02 - Infinite, Iwazaru.

What is real? What is canon? What is Killer7? Questions Jeff and J.D. will continue to ask as they journey deeper into the bizarre world Suda51 has created. 24 more words

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