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Alien Concept Origin

The origin for the Chestburster xenomorph from Alien comes from screenwriter Dan O’Bannon:

He was inspired to write the scene after some fast food made him sick. 15 more words

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4 Thoughts I Had While Playing COD: Advanced Warfare

I have really enjoyed Advanced Warfare these past few days! I was thrilled when the DLC Havoc came out, especially once I realized I got the Widowmaker. 466 more words

Advanced Warfare

This Week: Happiness, Nakedness, Spongebob

Time to treat your eyeballs! Our haul of this week’s freshest music videos has a surplus of fun to keep to you more than sufficiently distracted and entertained, all for the price of your time. 410 more words


Editorial Wednesday: The Wii U

Nintendo was for the longest time the king of gaming. It was always more popular than the Sega systems. Mario, Zelda, Metriod, and many more beloved franchises have been key to keeping them at the top. 672 more words


Startopia Review

My, my, aren’t I topical, reviewing games from 2001?  Still, I just got it on Steam (For convenience.  I’ve owned the disc since it came out.) so I’ve been thinking about it a lot and playing through the missions.   839 more words

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Special: What do you think of the "New" 3DS?

Are you getting one right away? If so, which one? I’m personally waiting until they do other special offers or editions come out plus I need more than one exclusive (Xenoblade Chronicles) to sway me into getting an upgrade. 74 more words

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