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PvP Series: Go Go Gree!

After our normally scheduled ops last night, I swapped out my 180/186-rating gear for my PvP gear and took my ship to Ilum to participate in the newly returned Gree event! 390 more words


Game On: Kingdom Hearts (Part 31)

Chris, Shaun and Michelle tackle the madness that is Kingdom Hearts! This is the 1.5 HD Remix version, which means there’s bonus content and shiny visuals. 53 more words

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King's Conway's Game of Life Game

I developed a game built on top of Conway’s Game of Life using processingjs for processing, which is playable here.

Conway’s Game of Life… 583 more words


New Bladestorm Game in Development

Koei Tecmo announced earlier this week on Famitsu that Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War & Nightmare is currently in development.  


Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land

I quite enjoy strategy games, as they appeal to my logical mind. However, I’m not a huge fan of real-time strategy games; I’ve played them every now and then, and while I haven’t hated them, I’ve always found them stressful. 1,075 more words


Review: Trauma Center: New Blood (Wii)

The Power of Antibiotic Gel

To follow up a PC review of one of my favorite games, Braid, I picked a game where you do surgery using a Wii remote – Trauma Center: New Blood. 741 more words

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