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Your next generation tend to be much much better this generation on PS4 and XBOX one.

Ten The Reasons Why You Really Do Not Buy The Actual Madden ’07
Many PSP fans, including myself, are already looking for approaches to push their PSP’s to the serious. 342 more words

Football and Video Games

I read an article a few days ago that made me ponder a little more about free time and how men use it. The thrust of the article written by… 551 more words


J-Stars Victory Vs+ Is Westward Bound!

Do you like shonen? Do you like videogames? Do you like action (which I guess goes hand in hand with the whole shonen thing)? Well good news! 251 more words

Video Games

Van Gogh to Pac-Man: An argument for video games as art

Disclaimer: Hey reader!  I wrote this paper for my English course this semester.  The requirements for the paper were that it had to include one paragraph of intro, one of importance of the topic, two of my arguments, two of the opposition’s side, one of finding common ground between the two, and one paragraph of refutation of the oppositions side.   2,481 more words


There's a Halo CE playlist in Master Chief Collection now

There’s finally a Halo CE playlist in the Master Chief Collection! Unfortunately it’s only 3v3 which seems a little small at times, but I guess it’s better than nothing! 27 more words

Video Games

Video games can(not) cause violence

With the recent controversy over Hatred, a game about a nameless trenchcoat man going on a murderous rampage after being frustrated with the world, which got momentarily banned from Steam, sparked immense controversy over its violent trailer and caused lots of hysteria, I really wanted to think this one through. 832 more words

Guild Wars 2 Project 365 - Days 315-323: Sleeping guardians in dioramas

One of my favorite areas from the Wintersday event is the Tixx’s diorama. This map is used for the Infinirarium and Toypocalypse instances.

It’s a tiny city! 114 more words

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