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New Episode of Corellian Run Radio & SWTOR GGC News!

Hi guys! I’ve been pretty busy in-game with the new Galactic Strongholds expansion! So far, my guild is holding #1 on Voss, which is very exciting! 72 more words


Conduit Retrospective Part Two: Conduit 2 Review

The Wrath Of Kahn. Empire Strikes Back. Judgment Day. Sequels sometimes do surpass their precursor stories in every way possible. All while continuing the overall arc. 2,708 more words


Diegator - Gray Fox

Cosplayer: Diegator
Character: Gray Fox
From: Metal Gear Solid


Diablo:Reaper of souls Review

Published by- Blizzard Entertainment

Well what can I say about Diablo other then the fact that people had waited years for the sequel.This isn’t a bad game at all its a real good RTS with nice graphics and textures and no glitches what so ever. 178 more words

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For Me, Slowpoke is the Better Pokemon Mascot

Being even remotely familiar with Pokemon means you must know the Mouse Pokemon, Pikachu. Pikachu is the Mickey Mouse of the entire Pokemon franchise and pretty much achieved the same level of global awareness. 443 more words


Skyland Glitches

I’ve beaten the story mode on PS3 and the WiiU. (One of those was twice because the game glitched out and stopped adding characters to me collection.) I’ve three-starred all the story levels and add on levels. 190 more words

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Internet killed the author

There’s a concept in literary criticism: death of the author. It roughly means your own words don’t mean what you think they mean. The dismantling and reconstruction of your creation begins the moment you tell someone about it. 435 more words