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Twitch Streaming Schedule: 'FPS February'

Another Castle will be moving on from the classic and nostalgic games of ‘Retro January’ and onto something more action oriented: FPS. Through the month of February, Brandon, Spencer, and John will be playing recent and classic first-person shooters. 166 more words

Video Games

Opinion - Be Funny

One joke, one witticism. Order up!

There’s a moment on Penny Arcade’s excellent web series “Strip Search” where a journalist asks one of the contestants to be funny. 623 more words

LEVEL UP : 140 (The Number Of The Beast)

Welcome to another installment in my LEVEL UP series ~ today I’ll be discussing the dastardly 140!

I was actually planning to originally write this post about all the times that I tried and failed to play 140, never seeming to get past a certain section in the first level. 386 more words


A final word on ACUnity

I finished ACUNITY! FINALLY. Before I get to that though, I made a FB page for the blog! Link is in the sidebar, feel free to like it to follow me on fb. 533 more words


Heavy Ammo Bug Fix for Destiny Coming

Destiny has glowing purple ammunition of heavy weapons, such as the rocket launcher and machine gun. Unfortunately for players, there have been several bugs with the heavy in the game. 160 more words

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