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#GamerGate — Achievement Unlocked: Epic Shitstorm!

So, I’ve been hanging out on Twitter, and it’s been a lot of fun. It’s the one place I can trot out accurate information and truth in a polite but merciless fashion, and eviscerate some blithering asshole holding forth on a subject he knows jack crap about. 1,147 more words

Link 'O The Day!

Interstellar Game

Interstellar is a science fiction film; due for release on November 7. The Interstellar game is based on the film; where explorers leave Earth to gather data around the universe; in an attempt to find a new habitable planet: 151 more words

Video Games

Show & Tell: Juan Der Put

Here we are at the One More Turn Open. Jim Stoholski will go with the a nine iron; no, wait, wait, my mistake, it’s a wooden stick. 148 more words

An Auto Tune Rebuttal to the Completely False "Are Video Games Sexist?" Video

Did you see that video where that old lady panders to the gaming population by telling them that video games are supposedly not sexist and that it shouldn’t even matter anyways? 49 more words


Two Brothers

First, I want to mention that the artwork for this RPG/adventure game is amazing. I know I have a soft spot for anything even vaguely resembling a game from the 90s, but seriously, just look at this: 210 more words

Video Games

Magical Diary

Magical Diary is a visual novel that positions you as a young girl in a school of magic. To get the Harry Potter stuff over with, the school is called Iris Academy, and is divided into six halls (Horse, Butterfly, and Snake for girls, and Wolf, Falcon, and Toad for boys). 239 more words

Video Games

Curtain Call, or, Tears, Everywhere

Jeez…I had/still have so much to write about, but the honest truth is that all the games that I have been waiting for – the very reason why I purchased a 3DS in the first place – have all come out. 1,945 more words