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Hey everyone, It’s Toni with an I here. I just want to start this blog off by saying welcome and hello. Enjoy DIY tutorials, fashion tips, advice, and everything in between. 38 more words

Too Much Water and Trumpets

So it happened at last-this past Friday was a HUGE day for media. Not only did The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1drop in theaters (Great movie by the way you should all check it out) but Super Smash Bros for the WiiU dropped and so did the highly anticipated reboot of one of Pokemon’s most beloved generations of games: Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire or in their newest incarnations: Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. 1,864 more words

Video Games

Adopt-a-Pokemon #7: Froslass!

Welcome to the “Adopt-a-Pokemon” series.  In this series, my readers help me choose a lesser-used Pokemon to feature on a semi-competitive team.  Then, I record some WiFi battles in Pokemon X and Y so you can watch the “adopted” Pokemon in action!  1,200 more words


PC FPS Ghost In The Shell just announced!

Nexon just announced a new FPS in the vein of Ghost  In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex.  All I can say is:  TACHIKOMA!!!!

Video Games

Ghost Squad [Wii] - Review

Light-gun style games are almost always lacking in content, but feature-rich in replayability. Ghost Squad for the Wii is no exception. It was originally developed by Sega AM2 and released into the arcades in 2004, but was ported to the Wii by Polygon Magic in 2007. 403 more words

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A taste of my history with video games.

This’ll be the first of two posts that I’ll be posting tonight.

Here’s a quick history lesson on my history with SOME video games.

My first true experience, outside of playing on the computer with an interactive Toy Story game that sucked ass, was with a portable system. 1,643 more words

Did I Do That? The FINALLY Finale

So maybe you noticed my hiatus the last few days. Or maybe you didn’t and this post is a welcome surprise. Who knows? But I, the prodigal blogger who breaks promises, is back with exciting news. 805 more words