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I'm not mad at you 2014, just dissapointed

2014 wasn’t a great year for gaming. Heck, it wasn’t even good and I’m not even taking into account the complete mess that was the next-gen consoles’ lineup (or continued lack thereof) and the GamerGate fiasco. 562 more words

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Metal Gear Rising 2 Is A Reality?!

Metal Gear Rising 2 is a thing? As in it’s a real boy?

If we’re going by mysterious looking numbers, than yes, it is coming. 194 more words

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Megatramp mega-sucks

Megatramp is garbage. No really, it is about being garbage. But it sucks. It is actually entertaining for a second, since it is offensive. 145 more words


Check out this Minecraft Channel!!!!

Hey guys!  Sorry, I know it’s been a bit since I’ve posted anything.  But here’s the latest.

A friend of mine is running a mine craft you tube channel.  18 more words

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Life is Strange Review

The first thing you notice about Dontnod’s Life is Strange is how well the the developer captures the indie outcast high school mentality. The first episode encapsulates the melodramatic minutia  that is high school life, with it’s inter student relationships. 563 more words

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The Duck Visits a Haunted Mall

I had a super weird dream the night of 12/16/14. I remember myself and a friend (not a friend I actually knew, but one just from the dream) at this hotel. 450 more words

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