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Alt Control Delete Kickstarter featuring ... Mindwyrm.

Not long ago, I was asked to write a prequel story for a new comic book series called Alt Control Delete. Somehow the story I wrote ended up possibly being the “origin story” for the series AND being used for one of the rewards for a contribution to the campaign that will allow the creators of ACD to go into business. 155 more words


Wither And Iron Golem Advanced Genetics!

Advanced Genetics from an iron golem and a…dare I say a Wither!? That’s right another episode of Minecraft Resonant Rise is here! In this episode of Resonant Rise, I quickly setup a new quarry and then Tommy and I start the creation of an iron golem and a Wither! 44 more words

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The GayStation 4 Is Up For Auction!

It’s Pride Week in Sweden. This means the usual: less clothing on pedestrians in the gayborhood and rainbows every where — including on a PlayStation 4! 125 more words


Resident Evil Code Veronica X -- So Far --

Resident Evil Code Veroncia X – So far –

Hey everyone!  Seth from WeDontPlayDatGaming here, as many of you know we have had our first contest going for some time now.  535 more words


Combining Many Mods To Make Automation

IndustrialCraft 2 is an awesome mod. In combination with EnderIO and Mekanism, automated mining will commence! In this Minecraft episode of Utopia3 Complete, I demonstrate how to make a bunch of different machines that will allow you perform automated mining. 59 more words

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Dungeon Boss!

As Tommy and I continue through the Chocolate Quest dungeon we run into more and more difficult enemies. We also continue to get more and more valuable treasures. 62 more words

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Destiny Beta Available To Everyone

The Destiny beta is now open to all Xbox One & PS4 owners with no Code needed.

Bungie announced that the open to all from 11pm GMT (4pmPDT) on Friday 25th July. 57 more words

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