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Connect Your Clients through Corporate Video Production Sydney

You must have tried various mediums to reach your customers and clients, but still feel that the work remains half done. Wondering about what has gone wrong with social media or outdoor media? 508 more words

Corporate Video Production

 What a socially responsible thing to do…

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Video Production

Producing a Perfect Video

Before, creating videos was very time consuming and pretty pricey compared to today when everyone’s got their own HD camcorder and other video taking gadgets. There are many… 293 more words



Description of project: I filmed my subject at different depths of field and aperture settings.

Project goals: The goal was to film in a way that I would be able accurately depict different apertures and depths of field. 124 more words


Slow Motion

Description of project: I captured the appearance of slow motion at three different frame rates.

Project goals: The goal was to film in a way that I would be able to tell the clips apart when they are in slow motion. 76 more words


Darren Cheshier - Audio/Video Production - Missouri State Business Network

Darren Cheshier is Owner and Principal Engineer at Clockworks Consulting Services, one of Missouri’s most esteemed audio and video equipment and service firms.

For more than 25 years, Darren has been providing, installing and maintaining premier audio/video products for homeowners, commercial offices and corporate clients. 25 more words

Audio/Video Conferencing

Camera Movement

Description: I had to film three different shots, using different camera techniques.

Goals: The main goal was to get smooth, nice camera movement.

What did I do?: I set up three different shots (pan, follow, and dutch tilt) and filmed using a Canon 7D, tripod, and CamCaddie. 47 more words

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