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Elli Belle live video

The gorgeous Elli Belle may be new to the Territory but she’s fallen in love with Darwin the same way Darwin is falling in love with her. 87 more words


TV Intro: Full House

This project was really fun. It was a lot less to worry about since we didn’t have to record any sound. We had some difficulties with our clips and we lost a scene when we were fishing. 34 more words

Video Production

ACMS Aces: Alvin Angeles

Alvin Angeles is one of the video production experts in Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) who constantly creates engaging videos. He creates videos for campus departments through the Media Event Support recharge service. 523 more words


Basic Three Point Lighting

I demonstrated basic three point lighting in this video. It shows how each light affects the image. I used a Canon 7D and tungsten lights to make this video. 7 more words


3 Point Lighting

What I did was set the lights to how they are commonly are set and then showed what each light does to the subject. There are three common lights that all studio use which is key, the main one, then fill, and head light. 47 more words

Video Production

Video Production Companies- Highly Beneficial

In a broader term, video production is the process of creating a video for the commercial purposes including music, movies, advertisement, corporate events etc. Although those produced in form the home videos like wedding, birthday parties do come under the same category but to a small extent. 164 more words