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Video store customer tells Premier Wynne to stop 'wasting our money'

TORONTO – Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne got some direct feedback from a man in her neighbourhood following the auditor general’s report last week that blamed Liberal policies for soaring electricity prices. 138 more words


Why The Video Store Will Always Be Better Than Redbox and Netflix.

Seriously, fuck Redbox and Netflix.  Yes, I’ve used them both, and in turn I have contributed to the downfall of the modern video store.  The video store was a magical place, and completely enabled my overweight and introverted high school years.   554 more words


Recollections of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Part 2: Only Parts Of The Corpse Had Been Removed)

Written by Ray
‘The Cult of Ray’


Read Part 1 here: http://video-daze.com/2014/11/14/recollections-of-the-texas-chainsaw-massacre-part-1-saturns-in-retrograde/

In the spring of 2000, I was 25 and on the last leg of a five year couch tour, sleeping on various people’s couches and floors. 787 more words

Video Daze

Video Fan, Richmond VA

Came across this video store in the Fan after dinner one evening. I’d never been in it before…. the back room was entertaining. Personal favorites: The gay vs straight porn selection and the video simply called “Beef.” 58 more words