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Rock, Paper, Pokemon in development

Wyldfyre, Sunrie, and Sunrie’s wife (from here on called “Cuteness”, since that’ what he calls her) are working on a new animated short. Sunrie is once again working on the animation while doing voices, but you’ll also get to hear Cuteness’ voice, along with Wyldfyre adding his talents. 104 more words


beta build feedback

1) Male
Theme –  A gere that many games already fit into, a tiny bit cliche.
Game play – Game play seems simple get effective… 186 more words

Core mechanic implementation

Now that i had my aliens popping out the planet i needed to add the main mechanic which was for them to disappear when clicked. For this to happen i had to add some attributes, behaviours and rules to make them disappear once tapped. 199 more words

FTL Advanced Edition: "The Final Stand"

Jason, Jeff, and Dave confront the greatest undefined evil the galaxy has ever seen in today’s FTL:AE.

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Let's Play

Who Will Play Our Game

Our game will be aimed at children from ages 6-12 both boys and girls. The reason being because the game play is easy to understand and we believe playable for a child as young as 6, we decided that 12 would be the oldest age of our players because it’s a fairly straight forward game and older people may not take much interest and want to play more complex games than ours, however people older are perfectly entitled to play the game if they wish to. 48 more words

Resident Evil 2 - speedrun (1h 14min 23sec) by KRX

This is my Resident Evil 2 Leaon S. Kennedy speedrun.
It is a single segment run, I did some mistakes, sot the rank is B. 10 more words

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis - Speedrun movie part 1 / by KRX (1h 31min)


This is my, Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Speedrun, with some special effects, and BIOs and musics. Total gametime is 1h 31min 22sec. 11 more words