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Hexcells and Beauty

Hexcells is a puzzle game that draws deeply from Minesweeper. The number in the hex tells you how many of the hexes around it are filled in. 246 more words


Anita Sarkeesian on Colbert Report

Hey everyone, in precision timing in light of yesterday’s lecture, Sarkeesian appeared on last night’s episode of the Colbert Report, where he dishes out a summary of #GamerGate and the hostility directed at women. 17 more words

General Interest

Minecraft World Gen: Amplified

So in Minecraft there are different World Generations. One of the coolest being Amplified.

Pros of Amplified:

Minecraft Amplified World Generation looks very cool. It has amazing overhangs, beautiful mountains, and many other things. 178 more words

Video Games

How A Dark Time-Traveling Fantasy Game Became the Original Fallout at Kotaku

The end of the world was both darker and more humorous than anyone could have imagined, and in the original Fallout, released for the PC in 1997, gamers got to experience the apocalyptic future firsthand.

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Heroines To Watch Out For #2: Emma Harry

(Image from the official website)

  • Name: Emma Harry
  • Game(s): Barrow Hill: Curse of the Ancient Circle
  • Creator: Matt Clark (Shadow Tor Studios)

“This is Emma Harry on top of the world tonight. 303 more words


MMO RPG´s und ich

Naaaaaa, auch alle so im Stress wie ich? Ist das nicht wunderbar? Nicht vor 19 Uhr zu Hause und kaum Zeit für irgendwas. Ist natürlich klar, dass dann wieder die Lust aufkommt ein MMO auszuprobieren was ich bisher kaum oder noch gar nicht kenne. 357 more words