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Death and Family, Stanley outside the office. Blog 4.

While the Stanley Parable presents a variety of interesting moments to focus on, such as multiple endings, the narrator’s mocking voice, the decision to follow instructions or disobey, I prefer to focus on one particular moment that I peaked my interest while playing. 753 more words

Dota 2 Ward!

For a while some people have been asking me what approach do I use to create models. This weekend I felt kinda sick, so i tried to create something from beginning to end. 1,419 more words


Dear Esther and Story. Blog 4.

Dear Esther strays from traditional story telling in video games. The game isn’t so much playable as it is observable. Players do not create the action, but rather mull around an island and perceive pieces of a story that has already taken place. 903 more words

Becoming Esther

Dear Esther is an intriguing, unique gameplay experience.  It deprives you of the things you take for granted as standard aspects of videogames – you are unable to jump, run, interact with objects, or really perform any action aside from walk around and wait for the story to be revealed to you.  510 more words


To Jump, or Not to Jump? That is the Question

I told myself that on this blog and the final paper that I was going to try and stay away from Dear Esther because it can be analyzed in many different ways but it has been my favorite game of the three, so, challenge accepted. 651 more words

Reading Response

Wave Wave

Wave Wave
Noodlecake Studios
iOS, Android

Wave Wave is a minimalist game where players must navigate a near endless gauntlet of randomly arranged patterns by ascending and descending. 197 more words


Assault Android Cactus

Assault Android Cactus
Witch Beam
PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Vita, Wii U

Assault Android Cactus by Witch Beam Games is a four player co-op, twin stick shooter currently available on Early Access and coming to PS4, Vita and Wii U. 577 more words