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Homenaje al Game Boy por parte de Overclocked Remix

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El Game Boy marcó la infancia de muchos de nosotros, todas esas horas en el recreo, en la casa, con los panas y el link cable. 152 more words

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PlayStation lidera las ventas por encima de Xbox en este trimestre

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A Sony le ha ido bien con su PlayStation 4 y a pesar de que Microsoft ha hecho ajustes de precio igualandolo así a el de su competencia, aún no pudo sacarle ventaja a Sony. 65 more words

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Is The Electronic Age Hurting or Helping Our Kids??


My three kids are tech saavy, and yes they grab a photograph and try to make it bigger with two fingers.  My issue with electronics, in particular the phone, ipad, tablet, and ipod is how it turns anyone who’s using it into a zombie, not just kids.   360 more words

Xenonautical Adventures - Part 16: Plasma Spray

Part 15 — RosterIndex — Xenopedia – Part 17

13th of November, 1979, 05:51

Foxtrot-1 is refueled, but the latest report was an hour ago. 2,008 more words


Praise for Princess Daisy

Today’s post is dedicated to my most favorite and beloved Mario character: Princess Daisy.  I have been maining Daisy in the Mario spinoff games for years, even as early as 2003 in Mario Kart: Double Dash, and though my initial interest in Daisy was probably unfounded, there are many reasons why I have stuck with her for over 10 years.   732 more words

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Catherine (Review)

Every now and then, a game is released that is unlike anything to come before it.
Perhaps it’s a stunning display of graphic fidelity, a masterpiece of storytelling or (most importantly) has a unique gameplay mechanic that sets it apart from what’s currently available on the market. 1,004 more words