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Tedx Talk - Avatars Are People Too

Here is the talk I presented at Tedx Ultimo this year. It explores the concept of social media as a game, looks at the effects of games on players, and steps we can take to foster healthy online communities.

Rae Vs The Internet

Top of 2014 Articles Are Coming

That’ right, the top of music, movies  and more will be hitting the site next week. Find out how you can get involved with getting your favorites on the list. 87 more words


Song of Saya : Dear God, That's Bleak

I’m not the best person to talk about visual novels, because it’s a genre that I rarely have patience for.  While it’s probably unfair, I associate them with the old “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, which were 99% horrific endings and painfully frustrating unless you cheated by, say, looking through the book until you found the good ending and then figuring out the chain of pages that would bring you to it. 452 more words


Survival is the name of the game for Rein

Rein is another small adventure game I downloaded some time back, but only came across recently while trying to delete games I’ve already played off my hard-drive. 526 more words


The Dependency on Destiny

Pumba’s daily life is very predictable, with little diversity from any one day to the next. He’ll go to the gym with me (He has no choice), he’ll go to work (If he’s scheduled), and he’ll play Destiny on the PS4 with any remaining time. 466 more words


Why can't Skull Kid be healed? Part III of III examining the Song of Healing.

In the first two parts of this analysis of the Song of Healing, I offered a framework for understanding the song as a mechanism of transition between states of community and individuation.   1,507 more words


The Influence of the Super Mario Brothers

I remember waking up when I was 3 in the middle of the night to see, much to my sleepy surprise, my then 27-year-old mother and 25-year-old father laughing manically while they played Super Mario Brothers 3.   554 more words