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(Review) Ramen para Dos

Ramen para Dos” is one of the most famous Spanish blogs about manga and anime, also including Japanese videogames. It has many sections, like reviews, raffles, articles… but the main feature of the blog is the news. 49 more words


Rock, Paper, Pokemon in development

Wyldfyre, Sunrie, and Sunrie’s wife (from here on called “Cuteness”, since that’ what he calls her) are working on a new animated short. Sunrie is once again working on the animation while doing voices, but you’ll also get to hear Cuteness’ voice, along with Wyldfyre adding his talents. 104 more words


The best tablet game this year is...

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.

I’ve played many many games on my Nexus 7, but in all honesty with the exception of one or two gems (‘Out There’, ‘Pixel Dungeon’) most have been pretty shite. 176 more words


Final Fantasy series

Within the video game multiverse, Final Fantasy is one of the best known series since its release in 1987, and its soundtrack music by Nobuo Uematsu is no less renowned. 273 more words


The Problem with Nice Guys

So as I mentioned the other day, I was reading the comments on this post when I came across this comment.

I’m sure you can see my problem with it—The Nice Guy Syndrome. 655 more words

Deep Thoughts

Video Games Galore

Here is where I plan to document, review, talk about the games I’m playing or have played. I have consoles going back as far as colecovision, but most of the games I will be playing are from ps1 and n64 era or newer. 55 more words