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Hey, Sunday! For some odd reason starting this post had me thinking of the SimpsonsSunday, Cruddy, Sunday episode, which has nothing to do with either football or my state of mind – ’cause quite frankly I am having a blast right now – but that’s the way the creative mind works I guess. 265 more words



I’m thinking of picking up drawing and/or painting again.

After having loads of fun doodling with my daughter during the festival making a tiara, decorating a cup and yesterday, helping her make a t-shirt design. 122 more words


Book Club

Here’s a hilarious collection of reviews or discussions about books I’ve made through different self publishing companies like Blurb, SnapFish etc. even books I made myself. 48 more words


HOLS 2014

Another year another book.

This time I made a quick and cheap holiday book using SnapFish’s 8×6 book, not 7×5 as I say in the video below. 93 more words


Electronic Phantasmagoria

Head on over to SoundCloud and check out Death Waltz Recording Company‘s all-new horror mix Electronic Phantasmagoria. Roughly an hour’s length, this mix is a collection of “commercially unavailable electronic soundtrack music from the 60s and 70s.” 54 more words



…as weird as it is for an old punker to admit, VIDEOGRAM is sort of a concept album… Head on over to Lunchmeat VHS Fanzine… 97 more words