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You Gotta Keep ‘Em Separated

During a lesson that I had with Lady Q this past Saturday, we ran through all of our American Rhythm and International Latin routines. After watching us go through everything once, we talked to go through her thoughts on what we had done before going through everything again. 1,693 more words


There's a Reason They Don't Teach The Viennese Waltz to Beginners

Yesterday I had my second lesson of the social foundation program. I decided to wear a dress that I bought recently that would look perfect as I was spinning around for the Viennese waltz. 514 more words



I had a much happier post for the letter G but after watching the documentary on t.v. last night about Christine Buckley and her time spent in the orphanage I was so upset, I just had to  share my memories which were so much happier than Christine’s. 295 more words

A2Z Bloghing Challenge 2014

Wife Moved To Tears During Sir Anthony Hopkins Waltz Debut In Vienna!

Another great addition to the Dance With Us Ottawa Celebrities Bust A Move category. Anthony Hopkins himself does not actually bust a move but….doesn’t this tune he composed make you want to break out in a waltz? 217 more words

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Throwback Thursday - A romantic dance we're fallin' in love with

We love watching past dances from the glittery world of Strictly so today we took a trip back in time to 2007 when we were dazzled and amazed by Gethin and Camilla’s fab-u-lous Viennese Waltz. 43 more words


Join The Fun At Our Regular Social Dance Parties

A huge thank you to everyone who came to the party last night despite weather conditions! It was a real joy to see so many of you on the dance floor. 135 more words

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Part Two: The Waltz, 1750s, Germany

If the Tango was the brightly-dressed, rebellious upstart in this story, then the Waltz was her mutton-chop-sporting, uniformed German Uncle. By the 1880s the Waltz was as establishment as it got – it was a dance with rules, regulations and social obligations. 922 more words