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Throwback Thursday - A sporting treat for you all!

Unless you’ve been hiding out under a rock, or in some unknown universe, you’ll have probably noticed that every day this week we’re showing you a sportsperson dancing to commemorate the start of the Commonwealth Games. 288 more words


Don't Forget the Destination

Most of you who read this blog regularly know that I am an amateur ballroom dancer in my spare time. I’ve been dancing about a year now, and I’m continually surprised by the things it has taught me about creativity and life in general. 534 more words

Bright Ideas

So You Think You Can Dance Top 18


Image Credit: www.k-4.net

On So You Think You Can Dance this week, the Top 18 performed in the hopes that they would make it to the Top 16. 506 more words

The Body Double

So, I’m driving to the studio last night and get a call from my instructor.  She has eaten something that didn’t agree with her and was pretty sure she wasn’t going to be able to do our lesson.  1,397 more words


I’m On My Way, Just Set Me Free

 Still no word from Sparkledancer. I’m sure she’ll make her way back home at some point, and then hopefully contact me to set up a time for us to practice together. 1,624 more words


I'm committed (or maybe I should be committed)

So OwnerGuy corners me after group class yesterday and says he wants to talk about the event that shall remain nameless.  He says if I’m free we could do it now or do it today (which was tomorrow yesterday which is what he actually said but quoting him directly seemed confusing so I added this to clarify)  Well today is showstoppers and I’m doing my hustle routine and we have the last lesson to polish it up and then there is party afterward so I didn’t really want to take time away from that so I agreed to talk to him.  1,035 more words


All Pressed Up In Black And White

Call me weird, but I do kind of like going to formal parties. In recent years, so many things in life have leaned toward casual (or business-casual, as many offices are going now) that there are not many places to go where you might feel the need to get dressed up. 1,660 more words